Archaeologists are close to the mystery of Teotihuacan


During the archaeological research of the ancient abandoned city of Teotihuacan in Mexico started by none other than the robot. Its mission — to replace people in places where they themselves are no longer accessible. Automated device called Tlaloc II — in honor of the Aztec god of rain and thunder.

On Monday robot made his first discovery. After several months of rigorous research Tlaloc II found three cameras in the tunnel beneath the temple of Quetzalcoatl, which was built more than two thousand years ago.

Sergio Gomez, an archaeologist:
"This data confirms the existence of a large space at the end of the passage, and it is likely, — the three chambers. There's a lot of rubble, so the team can not continue to explore. "

Archaeologists hope to find the burial place of the rulers of a mysterious city. Although the studies here have lasted for a century, but the social life of the citizens of Teotihuacan remains a mystery. And until now, there was no detection of the tombs, and no images of the rulers of this city.

Sergio Gomez, an archaeologist:
"This is — a good opportunity to try and understand the importance of these tunnels. There is a hypothesis that the cells may contain the remains of important people or anything else that may give evidence about their activities. "

Tlaloc II, consisting of three independent mechanisms controlled remotely, will continue to study the tunnel. Archaeologists in the meantime will be engaged in clearing the rubble.

Teotihuacan is considered to be the oldest city in the western hemisphere, but when exactly it was built — is unknown. Scientists suggest that it occupied an area of about 28 square kilometers, and its territory was home to about two hundred thousand people.

In the middle of VII century, the city was abandoned. After a while, it was discovered the Aztecs and named Teotihuacan, which means — the city of the gods. This historical and archaeological complex was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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