Are there witches?

Natalia P. spondylitis in his works the 70s proved that the "witch" exist. It is women who are very different from the rest. If there are witches, then, there is magic. There privorotnye otvorotnye and potions, is a complex of biologically active substances of a special kind. " Perfectly aware of their properties, witches could deliberately use them to simulate the behavior of a person to control his feelings and actions.

Witches and wizards are different from the average woman their physiological data. They have different functions hormonal system:it is much more active. And they have different functions intellect. Theymore observant, and so they have more versions and options for effective psychological maneuvers.

Are there witches?

Around what is known as a witch shownaura of attraction. What is this? This is a thick cloud of hormones, which are known as afrodoziakami. They create increasedsexual appeal. If a normal woman is crucial beauty eye, the witches —appeal glance, and this appeal is stronger than that of any other woman. In the old stories, made it clear that having met the witch, people should cover their eyes with her hand, otherwise you can easily fall under its influence. In fact, do not have to cover his eyes, is not enough to look her in the eyes or look away to the side. But even in this case, a high emotional manipulative witch background in speech affect any listener hypnotically. Witch hasemotional timbre voice. She knows what has, and cleverly uses.

Are there witches?

So the eyes. Today, almost everyone knows that it is an open mind, and through them is the main flow of information is color-intellectual impulse and emotional-energy radiation of the brain, as well as so-called "energy teuricheskaya influence." Witches properties of the brain are different from those of the average woman.

N.P.Behtereva argued in his work and made it clear that women are called witches, certain areas of the brain work more actively. So psihonno Lipton-field around a woman's most influential, rather than around the rest. Knowingly medieval Inquisition was afraid and feared witches. This woman is intelligent, wise, she can emit different types of mental energy, is able to manipulate people's behavior, because observant and never ordinary.

She always new, it is always different. She is emotionally malleable, it intelligently plastic. It is mobile in their habits, and relationships with other people. And so it is sexually attractive to the opposite sex. If the average woman legislatively in his habits, stable, and easy to calculate, predict, the female witch almost predugadyvaema, and intimate relationship with a pass on the higher sexual energy than an ordinary woman.

If we remember that the medieval monks and tortured daily izuverstvovali own flesh, but still were sexually starved, witches for them is terribly diabolical temptation. Therefore, they were tried and burned the best representatives of humanity. Given the independent nature, and lightweight, interested in the world, a trained intelligence, then certainly such temptress were dangerous for the primitive mind of medieval townsfolk. Therefore, they betrayed the penalty, thereby by signing his weakness and incapacity. As they say, "to cut down on its head."

Today, many men, so-called totalitarian conquer males, and simply misogynists, picked up as a banner, these Jesuit principles for destruction women. However, today they can not burn the woman at the stake or tortured in the basement (although some cross the face of what is permissible.) Now, the modern men can destroy a woman mentally. And many are very experienced in these skills, they are trained to perfection than those on whom should, because destroying a moral witch woman will not allow.

In the concept of the word witch concludedmanage, so she knows how to deal with the danger and aggression manifested by others. It can promptly escape, it can advance promanipulirovat foreign aggression in order to send it to the side. Moreover, having an exceptional woman, evolutionarily its inherent nature, it will not give his identity to destroy a man-woman-hater, freedom-loving and she would never want to be with this man. Just in case, if she chooses a man for some qualities, a female witch entrust him his mind and will live a long time, is not it, with interest, enthusiasm, in every way to help your partner in his business career and achievements.

Knowledge witches have their roots in the mists of time, as well as their outlook. Each civilization had its sorcerers, witches, yasnovedtsev. We can find references to them in various ancient documents of various ancient civilizations. Today's contemporaries, who are proud of their "progressive" views, often refer to witchcraft, or magic, or a love for art, as in fantasy, superstition and fiction. In the pretentious writings of ancient historians convinced of backward culture, our ancestors look like barbarians, ignorant and savage.

Are there witches?

But the truth can not be concealed. In ancient times, witchcraft, magic and charm school, cult obavnits flourished.

Female magic flourishes today, because it is not a culture of life and its evolution. Love potion art of manipulation and guidance gipnotabelnyh charms possess exceptional women, some of them by birth, a much larger number have the art as acquired.

A woman can develop their anatomical data, to improve the physiological hormonal balance, intellectual and psycho-emotional abilities. Originally laid in us many things, but many of us use at least from what possess. Ability to magic are one in three women, but most of them still remain undiscovered opportunities.

For me the word "witch" amazing concept, it means the mother Veda, ie wise woman with good mothering instincts, and therefore, a wise woman for the family. Wisdom includes not only the mind but also the soul, and this is different from the mind. These qualities are printed, and when the brain, with its vast reserves of information dies, the soul remains. The non-age wisdom of our soul lives on.

Wiser than her mother, especially wise children, especially career and business successful life husband and father of her children, because in truth, a wise saying: "choosing a wife, choose a destiny."

Feel Vedic roots, your sexual energy, not previously used, then transform into a completely new quality, a brand new woman. Every man should be proud of, if next to awaken a new quality of a woman's soul. Since ancient times, and is now in the disciplines of feminine charm one of the basic values of the plasticity of the female character is given. A woman who is beginning to change the plastic self, overcoming multiple barriers to concerns with regard to the opposite sex. And for this year, such classes have probably become mandatory for many of us. The fact is that this year, the energy of love will be very little space in the planetary goddess Lola — owner of the charm, beauty, love call, happiness and joy, partnerships will be extremely small in relation to the human bodies, its penetration into the energy of the people will be only 4 of the day (usually in the other years of the goddess energy Lely owned human bodies from 20 to 27 days).

What is love?Love is the most magical part of human life, love is like to get under someone's spell, a certain kind of trance that is changing our lives, and makes you feel so good that, contrary to common sense, we look forward to an eternity of feelings. When we love, we feel the great cosmic connection, not just the ones we love, but with all the people. When we love, our heart is expanding, and we feel like our love overcomes the Earth's gravity, and reaches the most secluded corners of the universe.

Love — is something that we will want to share. And being in love with the heart we feel thatLove is the main force in the universe. Everyone who loves is always sorcerers, magicians have always, always sorcerers.Love — is the best and most powerful magic, that's why the magic witch turned to women who want to find a lover. Women with primitive emotional background may not be broad in his amorous feelings, witches, on the contrary, always in love with life, always in love with the world, and why they love a huge, huge, cosmic number.

Your Marina Krymov.

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