Artist Kupava sells the product to pay for Grunwald

Most of the events in Belarus on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald organized public. Was created and was active national organizing committee for the celebration of the anniversary of Grunwald. However, not wishing to help pay for this activity. Now co-chairman of the artist Mikola Kupava forced to sell their works to settle.

Co-chairman of the organizing committee for the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Grunwald victory artist Mikola Kupava notes that the representatives of the state virtually ignored the 600th anniversary of Grunwald, limiting the organization of the festival of medieval culture in Navahrudak. In Poland, at the celebration of one of the officers did not go.

"In our area was up to 30 banners. Who went there, who represented Belarus? Was there a minister or some other representative? Nobody imagined this nation. Neither the State nor the patrons there. Moreover, the State does not join, that no private traders were not heard. There's also a lot of different businesses and entrepreneurs were sponsors of this event. There they were advertising and billboards. Here no one dared, only artists. Smaller donations came from a pair of non-governmental organizations, to at least minimally deal with yes artists knights. Nobody need. "

Belarusian public entuziyazme and arranged for their own money into a theatrical spectacle Trinity Suburb, two art exhibitions, organized a trip to Poland, said Nikolai Kupava:

"I still need $ 1,500 to pay for everything. I sell my product to this situation Close. "

Correspondent "The main cost — is that it?"

"It's banners. I need artist who sewed these banners, pay $ 600. This material and work. The way, she reacted very responsibly, according to my sketches got the job done at a very high level. Did you see, perhaps, large posters on the museum building Bogdanovich. And the bus — $ 110. With the Knights I still have to understand, I'm not paid to all … "

And now, to pay the artist Mikola Kupava puts up for sale their work — "Vilnius. Castle," "Evening in LEVKOY", "Minsk. Upper City" as well as portraits of Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas Aloysius Pashkevich, Francis Bogushevich, other works.

Why Belarusians bad value their history, do not celebrate worthily the historical events of victory? Ales Antipenko philosopher explains:

"Belarusians in modern times as a village formed a nation. Rustic nation, by definition, has no history. Either she has but does not know their history. One of the essential dimensions of the nation — the historical memory. This is just a process, so I would not dramatize. The second reason — the quality of our elites. Here you can talk about formal and informal elite. This is a question of time. pass 10-15 years — and the process is now going in the right direction — and will be the Belarusians and the Battle of Grunwald and the victory of Orsha. First place will be outstanding cultural and intellectual figures. "

As a writer and publisher Adam Globe I asked, does this attitude to the historic event that Belarusians are indifferent to their stories?

"And why is it indifferent? Even very indifferent. And Belarusians do not like to fight. Nor did they have such features — the fight in the open. And here it is manifested very clearly. We are where singing, playing a pipe, tales to tell — here we first … lie, hide the partisans … And if you fight — so this is a guerrilla. This is a very significant, in my opinion. When we celebrate some victories, it looks very artificial and annoying. "


Kupava Grunwald

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