As I opted for the pool pump

In this review, I want to develop a theme, which is especially important for owners of country houses: how to choose the normal and high-quality pump for swimming pools.
And talk about the difficulties I encountered, and how lucky I was that I found the perfect internet — shop where you bought a pump.

The pool I have long dreamed of, especially while sitting in the office of wet autumn, or the hot summer.
The house is, and to the pool does not get around.

However, family and loved all children — still persuaded, join a pool, and since I prefer to do it myself, the solution was to do with his hands.

Particular problems with the installation of the pool I did not have — I am a builder with experience, but the pump had to choose carefully. Because of the smooth functioning of the pump depends pool — it provides the water supply.

I searched thoroughly and in different places: the market, shop, supermarket, and his choice was online — shop pumps for swimming pools.

And got a great motor — Nocchi Swimmey 28 T , which is self-priming, with a filter to remove dirt and pre-treatment — for me, father two children — is just fine.

Still in the process of selection I liked the pump — Espa Niper 3 450M, 230 .

In general, what is excellent in this online — store, you can select any pump for the pool, if you do not know much, you consult, you can also compare the different models — it's very convenient.

Still, by the way, there are many other pumping equipment — pumps for wells, drainage pumps.
And among other things a lot of the necessary equipment and tools for the home. Just eyes run on the number of offers quality equipment.

My wife, as a lover of shopping, immediately drew my attention to the existence of special offers on this site — in my opinion, it is also interesting and comfortable, you can buy at a lower price class product.

And I want to say thank you for the timely delivery of goods, I did not have to call back, and not have to wait too much time.

Everything was delivered on time, you see, not all shipping can boast.

What I want to sum up, I use the pump for six months, no complaints, everything works fine.
It often happens that children can swallow water from the pool, but filters are very good — they have never been sick stomach, eyes.

A couple of times, electricity was lost, but the pump is not broken and also works well.

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