As in Lake Kolodny dragon sought

August 3, 2012 12:28

See "Floating Dragon" in Kolodenskom lake is unlikely to succeed, but you can enjoy the picturesque beaches.

Kolodny in Babaevsky area is among the ten most mysterious lakes in the Northwest. And all because of that for many years it write, as a place inhabited by a mysterious relic being. Check this information come from representatives of the association "Vologda-Kosmopoisk." And they made a sensational discovery about the lake itself.

In the mysterious disappearing lake fishermen

For the first time information about the "mysterious lake Kolodny in Rheine Babaevsky Vologda region" in the late 80's in one of the then popular metropolitan publications, specializing in all kinds of mysticism. From the words of the anonymous witnesses, described the meeting with the supposedly living in the lake "floating dragon". It also provides and chilling stories about regular vanishing fishermen and boat overturned with traces of strange slime — attacks on humans and pets also attributed strange being from the depths of the lake, which resembles "a big black timber with a long neck."
Information eventually divorced, and other publications. Several years ago, the lake Babayevskoye Kolodny was included in the "Encyclopedia of mysterious places" Vadim Chernobrov (one of the current Russian "guru" of UFO research, and other devilry poltergeystvov). A year ago, included in the official list of "ten most mysterious lakes of the North-West." However, its main attraction — "Floating Dragon", the authors of these publications politically correct renamed "most likely descendant of the ancient relic preserved creatures." However, as it turns out, none of the "theorists" for the study of such secrets willingly replicating Kolodny numerous legends about the lake, its banks have not been there. And if they wanted to go to but could not. For this lake, as established activists "Vologda-Kosmopoisk" in Babaevsky area does not exist!
After reviewing the available clues (and almost all materials on the lake appears Kolodny information Sergeevo nearby village and a large swamp, enveloped mysterious lake on three sides), the representatives of "Kosmopoisk" came to the conclusion that it probably is a Kolodenskom lake Cherepovets area next to it is really a village Sergeyev.
The villagers eagerly showed a visiting guests path to the lake, and on the way they told the rumors and legends, inherent in this body of water, which also contain "strange creature resembling a dark timber." But on the shore waiting for expeditioners another surprise — satnav impartially testified that the 8-kilometer Kolodenskoe Lake is just north, and all the inhabitants of the legend described relate to a smaller lake Black. In any case, Vologda examined both lakes — but nothing suspicious was never found. Rather, the legend of "strange creature, carries off into the abyss of the fishermen" (as such stories can be heard in many other parts of the Vologda region), came under the influence of logs floating in the lake-snag.
However, the expedition is unlikely to lead to the formal exclusion Babaevskii Lake Kolodny list the most mysterious places of the North-West. As practice shows, the myths and legends of this kind are not only of great vitality, but also have the ability to mutate, acquiring more and more new "detail", which, over time, begin to believe and invent their own people.

Myths and Legends of Vologda Lakes

By the way, in the Vologda region has at least 30 lakes that have entered into a broad national epic by legends surrounding them. For a long time attributed to dubious fame Git-Vytegorskiy lake in the west of the earth. Once local residents also sincerely believed that its waters hide a miracle two-meter-Judaic, or simply evil spirits. After the first part of the name — «Hittu» — translated from Veps just means "the devil."
Not far from the Git-lake there is another no less mysterious lake — Indoman. According to legend, there lived "lunar people", which moved across the sky in large silent boats.
Many forest lakes, one way or another connected with the cult of evil spirits, and Belozersky area (who, incidentally, once considered one of the most "magical" in Vologda). Many fishermen and to this day believe that the campaign for pike and perch must-assemble reviews (unclean, de, does not like companies) on the lake to be quiet and never aloud to sing songs. Otherwise dive master will be offended, and not to give the catch, but it can turn the boat. They also say that earlier in the "Office of the underwater kingdom" loved to joke. Men will walk with drag-net, and a fish in the net — old shoes, but the arc of the harness. But if, say, at this point chertyhnutsya loud, excessive and could foul the next time "casting" is mandatory in bulk dragnet choicest fish.
In this connection we can not mention the nut-the-Lake, which is located in the northwest of the Vologda region. Contrary to the name, is famous for it does not grow on its shores nuts (those where he has never seen before), and again the old legend. Ostensibly at this lake must bathe half people-half horses, but it was 300 years ago, and since then the Centaurs living here, alas, is not seen.
But has been growing in popularity mysterious Red Lake by Kadu. Located in the middle of an impassable swamp, it is not easily eight months of the year (December to March is close to winter road tractor). However, last summer at the lake from the air a few times the lights were seen, resembling a chain of fires kindled by the Latin letter «V». Explain the nature of this phenomenon have not been able, however, and few witnesses testify rather confused and contradictory.

Vladimir Romanov

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