Aspect of the comparison zabugornyh and Russian tanks should be effective in combat, and not the presence of dry closet

Presentation of a series of military professionals and managers that Russian tanks production in its combat capabilities and features of the inferior zabugornom machines entirely baseless, said Vyacheslav Halitov, deputy director of research and production of "Uralvagonzavod" for the development of special equipment.

He revealed that there are a number of criteria on which this assessment is given combat abilities machine, so let's get out of these criteria, and we will proceed. Khalitova, namely, affect the application of certain Russian professionals who argue that the main drawback of the T-90C is that the ammunition in it is placed next to the crew. But, but where is the ammunition to "Abrams" and "Leopard", is not close to the crew? — Vyacheslav Halitov retorted.

According to him, produced in Russia tank T-90 is very effective points to himself in a confrontation with armored targets, indicating perfect reliability on the march. But these experts about this for some reason they say no. Next industrialist said that not long ago our tank was 1.5 thousand kilometers, with all this was not the 1st failure. And can the experts who criticize T-90C, show 1.5 thousand kilometers, which were tanks "Leopard"Or" Abrams? "He thinks not.

Halitov noted that the outcome of a tank battle is dependent on numerous factors. Specifically, all of these factors be taken into account, and not to take some vague elements.

He admits that there is no Russian tank dry closet, but at the same time he is 80 cm below the profile "Leopard." And if you raise the tower and install the composting toilet, you can reach into the tank itself is rising sharply.

V.Halitov says that we should not forget that the tank — it's first combat vehicle. And this machine is designed for combat, not in order to make a tank-style hotel "Europe plus".

Approval of a number of so-called military professionals, regarding the fact that the Russian tanks Tipo fundamentally inferior to the best armor protection zabugornom counterparts in this regard need to get armor abroad, V.Halitova beliefs do not stand up to scrutiny.

He says that in the current time all of this much-publicized foreign armor itself is not shown anywhere. Along with these there is lots of photos, which show that the same "Abrams" punched a 12-mm ammunition from the back of the tower. Because argue that western armor better than Russian, it's wrong.

According V.Halitova, the Russian armor at the present time is one of the best in the world, and therefore there is no need to waste huge amounts of money on major new developments in this direction. At the same time, these works do not stop. Already at this time Russian tanks equipped with reactive armor fifth generation, is used active protection system for remote detonation min. V.Halitova with the words, all of this together gives good protection of tanks, not only not worse than the "Leclerc" and "Abrams" and even better.

He explained that there is such a thing as a zone of weakness. As an example, weak zones frontal projection of the tank. So here a T-90S ratio of attenuated zones 10-15% less than the same "Abrams" and "Leopard".

So Makarov, said V.Halitov, Russian equipment is not worse than Western counterparts, and this is confirmed by the role of our tanks in various armed conflicts.

Earlier, Alexander Postnikov, Commander of the Army, said that those standards of military equipment and weapons that the armed forces receive the nomenclature of the Army, including rocket and artillery weapons, armored vehicles, while not quite meet the Western swatches.

Speaking at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, he gave the example of the main battle tank T-90C. According to him, this is the much-vaunted T-90 is the seventeenth modification of the T-72, worth 118 million. According to the general, for that kind of money can buy three "Leopard."

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