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People say: "Healthy beggar happier ailing King." Do you want to be healthy to the poor? Or just to be healthy? Then you are lucky — got to the medical astrologer. It will cure at once! Or send to another — to the doctor … In order not to tired to follow the depth of thought and plot twists, Astr.Da announce a general list astroanatomii (physical constitution). From head to toe.

Aries — the head (if you want the face).

Taurus — the neck (bullish for example), the throat.

Gemini — collarbone, arms and hands.

Cancer — the chest (thorax).

Leo — the heart, the solar plexus, the vertebral column (especially the lower back).

Virgin — abdominal region (in particular, intestines).

Libra — waist (as a continuation of the waist).

Scorpio — the genitals.

Sagittarius — the hips.

Capricorn — patella.

Aquarius — shin.

Fish — ankles (ankle), foot (heel).

Next a little more detail (anatomy + physiology):

Aries — it is recommended to walk in the winter hat, summer cap. Not excluded cerebral vasospasm, a tendency to intracranial pressure. Migraine — a common occurrence when first impulse to do, and after a long time to think … Diseases occur at a high temperature, but fast. However, the sum teeth. It would be nice to have a personal dentist. And do not chew on hard nuts. There is nothing to compete with that tight — teeth or food.

Taurus — take care of the vocal cords, train them (when necessary, conduct inhalation). Can you sing, stretching vowels. Almond's voice — if the tonsils are in order. Adenoids — is also important. Otherwise — sore throat, bronchitis, and, God forbid, asthma. You can choke from allergic reactions and even grab tetanus. At the same time care of your thyroid gland — at times consume iodine-containing foods. Metabolism is good, but somewhat slow. Because it is desirable to eat and sleep. However, the food is converted into fat if redundant. Due to the immobility likely the problem of excess weight. Exercise regularly. It is desirable weights, a barbell. To the neck to shoulder bigger load, but in moderation. No overloading (this is important). Forces increase, strengthen immunity — will become strong like bull. Where the plow and plow. But that's another story …

Gemini — a fast metabolism, but this breaks the blood oxygen saturation, that is, it is too soon spent. Therefore, the metabolic products are not rapidly excreted, and toxins circulating in the blood for a long time. It causes a rash on the skin, small but frequent stress (the sign of twins controls the nervous system). Smoking is not desirable, but it is the bane of many twins. They motivate that it strengthens (stabilizes, brakes) nerves. Not enough control over his emotions. In this case, it is recommended to sleep a little more, and there are mainly natural (not synthetic) products. Shown foods rich in phosphorus and calcium (to strengthen the thin bones). Calcium reduces the excitability of the nervous system. Someone may object, "nervous breakdowns occur simply out of boredom." This is also the correct view. Monotony and monotony of life for the twins frankly harmful. So, have fun — you chase away the boredom! With oxygen for life.

Cancer — if you are a woman, pay attention to the breasts, and the resulting challenges and achievements. Some attention to the lymphatic system (related to endocrinology) — all will preotlichno. The innate sense of fear and anxiety declines to peptic ulcer, gastritis. Protect the stomach and other digestive organs — they still come in handy. Eat gourmet food and only what you love. In terms of product. Take care of mental health, do not worry about nothing. Everything will pass, like white smoke. Nothing will be left …

Leo — the patient deceptive — it looks good even in a sick state. However, subject to attacks and infarcts (in particular, the myocardium). Train your heart muscle, enjoy your life and naturally beautiful. "Life must certainly good, choosing a heart that nice" — from the song Meladze words can not erase. Incidentally, the Lions should be lush hair. If bald mane — a sign that there are problems. As a last resort, buy supershampun. This is not advertising, it's good advice.

Virgo — recommended judicious fasting, cleansing the intestines. Follow the principles of nutrition (which teaches calories with calorie-fold) better than overeating at night. In general, these patients are extremely insecure and seriously take their frustrations for incurable illnesses. Showing acupuncture, massage (including non-traditional), reflexology (such as a hammer on the knee). By the way, for a long time can go without meat, with age, preferring herbal tea (vegetarian) and the primitive eggs — scrambled eggs. Although the ability of cooking do not allow such a refined simplicity, but health is more expensive. They are clear that the ginseng root is not for food but for longevity. This explains the wisdom of others. Not for nothing are obtained from Dev doctors with an encyclopedic knowledge — are being treated for all, that they would find at home. If necessary — make the right choice between a glass of carrot juice and a glass of martini. Not to your taste, and on the usefulness …

Libra — the desire for equilibrium (balance) causes the kidneys to work on the full karmic program. Metabolism for Libra is especially important. We recommend homeopathy (treating like with like). Curious in this regard valueology. Gentleness and courtesy in dealing with others — supports the healing process by leaps and bounds. Feeling good — the key to inner beauty that passes to the outside, for example, physical harmony.

Scorpio — doctors generally do not trust, but is struggling with the disease is active (with great force). The risk is present in every step of the patient (sorry for outpatient express myself), so the risk of sexually transmitted diseases list. Sometimes recommended moderation in sex. It is necessary to know the rate of … I also like to pass an X-ray and ultrasound — so check your insight: "Fluorography — 9 to 12, with a naive on it and ride; fluoroscopy — where could you smile, smile, though hardly something to fix." Who cares about the details, we inform you a secret — take care of hemorrhoids, do not succumb to AIDS. It is better to know the truth, no matter how terrible it is. However, they do add adrenaline and promotes good appetite (at the time of the plague). In all cases, the vitality of striking. You can put medical experiments.

Sagittarius — the patient's attending physician must look respectable, to comply with all medical rituals (dressing gown, pince-nez, and so on). Such Aesculapius different uniform width thoughts — ready to give out prescriptions: "Your health is deteriorating with age." But all optimistic Sagittarius. He knows that it is harmful to overeat and get completely drunk due to congestion of the liver (the most important organ for him), but want to. In general, according to mythology, Chiron — the asteroid managing the sign of Sagittarius — the immortal healer poluchelovek-Half-Horse (Centaur). Himself treats himself inflicts wounds. And so on to infinity (not for nothing immortal). The best medicine — travel around the world. But where can I get it? Although it can be the old-fashioned — not far away, in a cab. That is, the closer to the horses. You'll see: illness as a hand lift the mood rises. Even in the service promotion was coming. That's how it is — to manage health …

Capricorn — they say, "have lost their teeth, tongue freely." Who is happiness halts? Can you remember (as astroanatomii) — the sign of Capricorn symbolizes all solid, tough, wise. It's teeth as well — the patella. This goat will not fall on his knees before the difficulties, if that — will compress the teeth stronger. That's it. In short, gets his way. If you discuss the problem — there is poor digestion. Of course, come across instances that digest nails — just in these symptoms … I'm sorry — a tendency to constipation. Therefore, well before eating overturn something stimulating! Especially effective is the red wine (strictly on the daily routine). Undeniably important calcium phosphate. Please limit the use of fatty foods. But the attractive foods rich in protein and iron. Beach goats — depression. Antidepressants help for a short time only slightly. We need high moral modalities. What — the secret, but you can guess. Protracted illness, sluggish and even chronic. This is a portrait of an average sample of 1,000 respondents. Be sure to recommend avoiding dampness and hypothermia. Useful to you dry mountain air (and in general, living in remote areas high above the sea level). Vitamins are important for all the characters, but for the ibex double (if not triple). Who face is crooked, and these leather — not shiny, not matte shimmers. Sometimes, even ashy yellow. Tellingly, the goats often live to a ripe old age. Moreover, a unique feature — the more the body grows old, the younger spirit. This inverse proportion. Although rheumatism, sciatica does not retreat — gnawing bones. Do you want a special omen? If a kid goat weak, sickly, then the age is tough, tenacious. Which is what all desire.

Aquarius — in addition to shin, can disturb the pituitary gland, the cerebellum (the body for balance), since most of Aquarius is committed to extraordinary actions, balancing act. Note the varicose veins (desirable prevention), or with age — thrombophlebitis, vasospasm. For metabolism, take foods rich in sodium chloride, which is found in vegetables, fruits (ie, organic, natural). By the way, the patient is waiting for a sudden recovery, believing that the disease — is to attack, why would it suddenly abyss? And treated folk remedies. Sometimes, too drastically. But in general, visit the strange disease, a rare, paradoxical that require treatment, contrary to the canons of traditional medicine. An astrologer recommends to treat shock therapy and other electrical stimulators. Just as the most effective. Time — and everything.

Fish — there is a tendency for the simulation. Sluggish appearance leads to sad conclusions doctor and he reluctantly soul, writes a regular hospital. However, abusing occupational therapy, can be rolled down to the hospital, even when healthy, but doubtful person. And then — tests, medications (favorite activity — the absorption of medicine), delusional state. Strengthen your immune system daily routine and diet. Useful seafood — sea kale, other edible seaweed. Of trace elements — iron phosphate. Do not trust your own feelings in the diagnosis of health. The best method of treatment — to believe that you will be healthy! This is a powerful incentive for good recovery. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and massaging the feet. Buy a massage cushion, home treadmill. In between — rest and sleep. Do you sleep especially useful. But in moderation.

Be well, do not cough …

Sergei Piminov


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