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In the Central House of Journalists held a press conference organized by leading Russian space enterprises and the "Russian Aerospace Agency." The theme was unusual — "Non-routine situations and anomalous phenomena in space." We talked about failures in orbit about the insurance possibilities of contemporary space, which leave much to be desired … and twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Force Major General, pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok tried to answer the perennial question — see if his colleagues UFO?

— Vladimir, tell me honestly, have you ever seen in space, something that does not fit into the scope of your understanding?

— Yes, it happened. In 1981, along with Viktor Savinykh I was on board the ship "Salyut-6". May 5, to a time when we were flying over the territory of South Africa, I suddenly saw through the window of a small, finger-sized, glowing object flying simultaneously from the bottom. The ship is moving at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per second, and this thing is not far behind! I called Savin. He looked out the window and ran for the camera. While running, the object exploded, leaving around colorful spherical cloud. As it was, I do not know. I can only guess. On this occasion I reported to the State Commission, but no official explanation for the phenomenon, as far as I know, was not given.

Something like telling other astronauts. Musa Manarov during their stay at the station "Mir" in 1991 witnessed an unusual phenomenon. He was near the window, where watched the approach of the module with a new crew. The whole process is filmed on a professional camera "Betacam." Suddenly he noticed a module approaching something like an antenna, which separated from the module. But where there be an antenna? Musa was discouraged and radioed: "Guys, you have something to undock." Then the thing was gone. He was sure that it was not space debris and is unlikely to chip satellite or rocket: the astronauts are well aware of what it looks like such a technique. And there was at that time no earthly man-made objects close to our station. This shot was on film.

Gennady Strekalov and Gennady Manakov during the last two flights to the station "Mir" in 1990, also saw something unusual. They were flying over Newfoundland, not a cloud in the sky. And suddenly, like a flash of lightning appeared in the sky a bright sphere, and after 10 seconds, just as suddenly disappeared. The observation are reported in the Mission Control Center.

Pavel Popovich tells how, in 1978, when he piloted the plane from Washington to Moscow, at an altitude of about 10,000 feet noticed something flying over it on a parallel course. It was a glowing equilateral triangle, reminiscent of the wing. The plane was flying at a speed of about 1100 km / h, and the "triangle" — more than 1700 km / h He overtook the plane. The pilot drew it to the attention of passengers and crew members. What was it, tell him it was not possible, but then he talked with many scientists and aircraft designers.

— Vladimir, is it true that astronauts in orbit are experiencing altered states of consciousness, hallucinations, see, feel yourself in the shoes of primitive dinosaurs and fantastic creatures?

— Psychologists warn us that this is possible. One was the case when during the flight, waking up, I suddenly heard a man's voice clearly: "It's great, man!" Well, I think it started. After a minute — again: "It has long been sitting here!" I took a notebook and began to describe his feelings as physicians we have been taught. I look — so does Ivanenko. Hence, the mass hallucination … Then it turned out that this is somehow kerf VCR and started to scroll through our favorite film "White Sun of the Desert" … We have it then its "Barabashka" nickname. As he was involved — is unclear.

But I did not see the dinosaurs. I will not lie. Perhaps this is someone's jokes. The astronauts — people cheerful, like to joke. Grechko and Coast once told reporters, as they drank in space with two humanoids. Meanwhile, they say, our very vodka and herring have liked. The next day about it quite seriously newspapers. Or this anecdote: I wake up and see through the porthole Chinese. I ask: how did you come from here? And he said: "It's very simple: Chinese on the Chinese — that's got." And fantastic stories are born.

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