At Chelyabinsk zinc plant opened a unique laboratory

At Chelyabinsk zinc plant was put into operation a new building physical and chemical laboratory. The costs of construction and equipment totaled 285 million rubles.

The old building was not suitable for laboratory use, it is already 75 years old. The new laboratory space surpasses its predecessor in three times. At 3240 square meters over three floors located 80 spacious rooms. The building is equipped with central air conditioning, elevators, lifts, for delivery of chemical reagents. The laboratory will operate 57 people.  

In the laboratory, an ergonomic German laboratory furniture «Waldner», there are emergency showers on each floor, elevator-lift for the delivery of chemical reagents for jobs, central air conditioning ventilation, the latest research equipment, including X-ray fluorescence spectrometer serial worth 27 million rubles, the installation of automatic neutralizing and cleaning waste solutions with the sludge dewatering cost 4.1 million rubles, an ion chromatograph Metrohm 850 Professional IC worth 5.7 million rubles, microwave sample digestion system cost 2.1 million rubles.

The auto neutralizing and cleaning of waste solutions allow to reduce the content of pollutants in the wastewater. Chromatograph enable quickly and accurately determine the toxic compounds including sulphates, nitrites, nitrates, chlorides, phosphates and other anions in the effluent samples is very important for monitoring environmental conditions.

Egor Kovalchuk inspected the premises and was pleased with the result of the construction: "The opening of the laboratory is a huge step forward, we can say that this is a transition to a new level — the minister said. — For the plant itself, this means, above all, to improve the quality of products. For the residents, for the city is to increase the sustainability of zinc production. This laboratory is to promptly and regularly check the raw materials, intermediate and finished products to meet all requirements. Here is the latest equipment, which today exists, it works at maximum speed. Human involvement in the process is minimal, errors due to the human factor, are virtually eliminated. One can only envy the plant, which has such a structure? Zinc has once again reinforced the right to be called one of the leading enterprises. "

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