AT CMP implements environmental projects

At Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant included in the company "Mechel", is monitoring the effectiveness of environmental protection equipment, reminded the press service of the company. 

One of the objectives of the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant in the field of environmental security is to ensure maximum efficiency dust and gas cleaning plants, as they are elements of workshops and manufacturing units operate in a continuous mode.

To solve this problem and avoid disruptions to the operation of environmental protection equipment according to the annual schedule in January and February 2013 at the plant were made current and capital repairs worth about $ 2.6 million.

During the repairs, special attention was paid to the gas treatment equipment electric steelmaking plant number 6, the oxygen-converter plant, gas plant, water plant and sinter production. Repaired gas cleaning equipment and exhaust systems, water supply systems, reverse cycle plants and pumping stations. In addition, the audited bag filters vacuum filters in the electric shop number 6, cutting ditches and hydraulic locks, and clearing storm sewer systems.

In 2012, the main event was the implementation of environmental protection of important environmental projects. These include gas cleaning continuous casting machine number 5 in the oxygen-converter shop, as well as the implementation of the second phase of biohimustanovki coke production. She is currently working on the design parameters and ensures the effectiveness of neutralizing pollutants 99%. Also in 2012, was continued construction of the range for the storage of industrial waste and the reconstruction of working water cycle rolling mill number 3 in the compound universal rolling mill. In general, over the past year on the implementation of environmental programs CMP has spent more than 800 million rubles.

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