At harvest in the Altai region are working new models of agricultural machinery

Economy of the region are intensively technical upgrading.

In this harvest season to work the fields of the Altai new models of agricultural machinery.
For example, in the Trinity area and Biysk economy gained new items of the season — combine harvesters "Polesie" modification of the GLC-10.

The farm Smolensk region harvesting operations are conducted with a single in the Altai region of Rostov Harvester "Vector 420." Owner trends appreciates technical capacity machines, say in the Directorate of Agriculture of the region.

Last week, in OOO "Frolov-3 '(Event Tourism) came a new combine" John Deere W 330' of the Russian assembly. While this model is also the only one in the Altai region. By the way, Thursday, Aug. 30, in the Slavgorod district will be presented and dempokaz new machine.

The second season of the farm Eugene Dolgov (Rebrihinsky district) will work only in the Urals-propelled sugar beet harvester Grimme Maxtron 620. Also on the Altai work the fields large square balers Krone Big Pack — while the farms in the region have only two units of this technique. Forage such balers are in Biysk and virgin areas.

As noted in the GUSKH, modernization in recent years in the Altai region is intensively. "Serious attention is paid farmers of the region replacing the old combine harvesters for new reliable high-performance designs. So, for the last 1.5 years parks farms replenished 421 combine. In 2011, the province purchased the farm for more than 70 forage machines, and in the first half of this year — more than 20 ", — says the Office.

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