At JAMZ launched a project to create a new line of gas engines for commercial vehicles

Yaroslavl Motor Works "Autodiesel" belonging to the group "GAS", signed an agreement with Westport, a leading global manufacturer of automotive gas fuel systems and components for the development of the line of gas engines for automotive, as well as road construction and agricultural equipment, running on compressed natural gas.

According to the agreement already in 2014. at the Yaroslavl Motor Plant "Autodiesel" within the "Gruppe GAS", will begin a new line of gas engines for commercial vehicles. Investment in the project will amount to 600 million rubles. The range of gas engines environmental standards "Euro-4" and "Euro-5" is created on the basis of a family of engines JAMZ-530, which in 2013 produced in series on the new production of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant — the most modern and high-tech platform for the production of engines in Russia.

Funds will be spent on the development of the engines themselves, as well as the creation of a research and development base, "Avtodiesel" for the further development of powertrains on compressed natural gas. 

Thus, Russia will have its own production of the gas powertrains.

"Bringing engineering resources leading international manufacturer will allow us to provide the highest level of reliability and safety of gas appliances, which is a priority requirement for this mode of transport," — said the president "GAZ Group" Bo Andersson.

Industry analysts called the signing of the agreement, "GAZ Group" and of Westport "very advantageous step for" GAZ Group "." Due to the fact that the Russian government adopted a policy of "gasification" of transport, before the "GAZ Group" opened broad prospects for development in the this segment of the market — said VTB Capital analyst Vladimir Bespalov. — It is logical to bet it on commercial vehicles: the first who will actively buy cars with LPG systems, it will be the owners, municipal and private, parks, public transportation, representatives of small business. "

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