At SCC tested the device for the separation of production

In June 2013 in JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" passed the acceptance test monitor enrichment. Monitor enrichment — a device designed to monitor the enrichment of uranium hexafluoride, with characteristics superior to domestic and foreign counterparts. The uniqueness of the instrument development, LLC "GROG" lies in its ability to work on the "bayou" with uranium of different brands. The device is stable in operation and compact. The accuracy and speed of measurement allows you to create on its basis a system of continuous monitoring of uranium-235 in the separation cascade production of uranium enrichment.  

Tests were carried out on the program and the methodology approved by the Senior Vice President of JSC "TVEL" Peter Lavrenyuk. The commission that conducted the test monitor enrichment, including representatives of the Fuel Company "fuel elements", OAO "Central Design Institute" and the four companies of the Fuel Company: JSC "SCC", JSC "Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant", "AEC", JSC "PA" ECP . "

At the time of testing prototypes were in operation at the plant separation of isotopes of "SCC" from four months to two years. On the unique device has received two Russian and one international patent.

The Commission confirmed the operation of the monitor enrichment for a variety of characteristics. The charges against the commission prototypes monitor enrichment acceptance test stand and in general, according to experts, meet the technical requirements of "SCC". The equipment is recommended for use at the plant isotope separation plant, as well as dividing industries State Corporation "Rosatom".

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