At Seversky Pipe Plant was put into operation a new waste site

At Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), introduced a new section on the treatment of waste generated as a result of industrial activity.


The plot is open, LLC "Agrotsvet plus" — enterprise formed as a result of the restructuring of STZ. Monthly on the site receives and processes up to 50 Overturning cars (dumpkarov) of industrial and construction waste to be removed out of the workshops of the factory. These added to 400 cubic plastic packaging from raw materials used in production. On the site is carried out waste sorting and preparation for further processing.

Tara, who lost their consumer properties, using a special press tamped and packed into cubes packs for recycling. A second application receives a majority of waste coming from the shops STZ: wood, waste refractory bricks, plastic, paper, cardboard.

According to the specialists of the entity only at the expense of sorting and processing of flexible containers and plastic bags could reduce that dedicated to solid waste STZ to 14,000 cubic meters, and today it is 26,000 cubic meters.
"Seversky Pipe Plant systematically solves the problems of reducing the negative impact on the environment — said the managing director of STZ Mikhail Zuev. — Introducing new technology enterprise in 2011 to 2.7 times reduced emissions from steel production in the atmosphere due to water recycling one million cubic meters of water consumption is reduced. 95 percent of the total solid waste is processed. New production — another step in the implementation of the environmental program of the plant. Enter the new site recycling will make our city and the environment is much cleaner. "

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