At the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has received new mixed-use development

Eight multi-processing centers of the Austrian company «WFL» Installation and sanding of German company «EMAG» replenished the stock of machines Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. It is the largest in recent delivery to the enterprise, carried out world-famous producers of machine tools. It increases the amount of one-third of modern digital machines, purchased for the plant in accordance with its modernization program.

Now in possession of the newly created Division of promising technologies, based on the areas of diesel engines division CTZ, about three dozen multi-processing systems. It is planned that in 2014 the number will reach 58 units. Modern multifunctional equipment will replace hundreds of old tools, end-of-age, old and mentally, and physically. It will form the new production facilities, capable of producing parts and components for high-quality road construction equipment and advanced engines, which are developed at the plant.

Mixed-use «WFL», in particular, will carry almost the entire cycle of machining operations — turning, milling, drilling and installation «EMAG» specializes in grinding of camshafts for diesel engines of various kinds. Today, for the incoming equipment in the premises enterprise finished basement. Mounting and installation of nine new machining center is scheduled for February.

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