At the federal highway M-53 Baikal in the area ended Kozulskoy repair


On the federal highway M-53 "Baikal" in the villages and Shushkovo Novochernorechenskoe after the repair work was commissioned 14-mile stretch of road.

In the course of work at the site was carried replacement of pavement and repair of water pipes, reinforced shoulders, installed new traffic signs replaced barrier fence with high holding power.

Also used in repairs innovative SMA technology to reduce the probability of rutting and wave formation, increased service life and, consequently, reduce accidents and improve traffic safety.

In general, the current year on the federal highway M-53 will be repaired 96 kilometers of the roadway. Currently, road works are carried out in Bogotol, Achinsk, Yemelyanovsky, Rybinsk, Ilan and Nizhneingashskom areas.

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