At the Saratov Refinery launched a new set of isomerization of pentane-hexane fraction

July 25, at the Saratov Oil Refinery was launched a new set of isomerization of pentane-hexane fraction, producing high-octane gasoline components.

Construction performed in a short time, from the beginning of excavation to produce a first product has only been 22 months.

This is one of the largest investment projects implemented in the Saratov region in recent years. The total investment amounted to about 6 billion rubles.
In addition to the large investment, the construction of an isomerization allowed to create additional jobs.

On the isomerization component of commercial gasoline is produced, which gives the plant the ability to produce fuel of Euro-5 without involvement by the imported components. Amount of processing at the facility — 300,000 tons per year. With the launch of the complex will increase not only the depth of oil processing, but also the volume of production of high-octane gasoline.


The modernization of the Saratov Refinery eliminated most of the objects of the so-called "negative heritage", which greatly improved the ecological situation in the city. Construction of a new well was carried out in strict compliance with international standards in the field of occupational health, safety and environmental protection.

"Conducting is fundamental reconstruction and construction of modern processing units, comparable only with the commissioning of the new plant — both on the complexity of the work, and the volume of investments".

"Saratov Oil Refinery is the largest taxpayer in the region, exporter and benefactor — a vivid example of socially responsible business".

Saratov Oil Refinery has a long tradition, and is the first company to produce oil in the Volga region. Its history began in 1882 when the company celebrated engineers of the Nobel brothers built on the outskirts of the city of Saratov on the Volga River reprocessing plant oil. In 1931, based on it begins to build the first refinery in the Volga region.

Currently at the Saratov Oil Refinery is a large-scale reconstruction, whose purpose — increasing the efficiency of the enterprise. In 2012, the refinery processed 6.9 million tons of oil. The company produces environmentally friendly fuel of Euro-5, as well as fuel oil, bitumen, vacuum gas oil and technical sulfur.

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