At the suburbs hit freezing rain

On the Moscow-Crimea in the suburban town of Chekhov and Serpukhov road conditions are extremely complicated freezing rain.

At minus 2.5 degrees the rain, resulting in the road surface ice crust formed. Cars are forced to slow down. Several cars stranded on the roadside.

DPS officers in Serpukhov told "Interfax", that in the morning cause road services to those treated with sand or track reagents. However, no road vehicles on the road is not seen.

Freezing rain — a rare atmospheric phenomenon. As explained by weather forecasters, it is due to the difference in temperature at the height of the passage of the front and rain at the surface. In late 2010 — early 2011, freezing rain fell on the central region of Russia. Supercooled water droplets coated with ice shell, falling to the ground, the trees, wire lines, instantly turned to ice "glaze". Falling trees broke the settlements, airports and railways.

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