At the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant took a hot test of the new arc furnace DSP-150

At the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant (TAGMET), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), held hot testing of electric arc furnace DSP-150, construction is carried out in the framework of the investment program on modernization of the TMK in Steelmaking and Rolling Complex TAGMET.

  • Hot testing of DSP-150 TAGMET.  Photo from
  • Hot testing of DSP-150 TAGMET. Photo from

During the test was verified performance of major equipment and components DSP-150. "Further development of the new unit provides for a phased withdrawal to contract performance in accordance with the schedule," — said the managing director of the DA TAGMET Livshits.


For the record:

Taganrog Metallurgical Works is finalizing preparations for the commissioning of electric arc furnace DSP-150 output 950,000 tons steel.

The total cost of the project more 8 billion rubles.

Start the furnace is scheduled for August this year.

The main objective of the project construction DSP-150 — Replacement of the open-hearth furnace steelmaking electric arc on the way, which will expand the range of cast steel grades, reduce costs, and increase production capacity and volumes of billets "Tagmet."

In addition, the project will help to improve the environmental situation. After the final commissioning of the DSP-150 and the decommissioning of the three open-hearth furnaces at TAGMET projected decline in total emissions of air pollutants by 55%.

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