At unit number 5 Zaporizhzhya completed ahead of schedule planned average repair


December 19, 2011 at 01 h 48 min. unit number 5 Zaporizhia nuclear power plant after early graduation planned average repair is connected to the grid of Ukraine. Scheduled completion of repair — December 25, 2011.

Reducing the duration of repairs amounted to almost 6 days, which will further develop more than 100 million kWh of electricity, saving about 58 million tons of coal, 29 million tons of fuel oil and nearly 35 million m3 of natural gas used in other generations to produce the same amount of electricity.

With the end of repair work on the power unit number 5 at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant completed maintenance campaign in 2011.

During scheduled maintenance at Unit 5, the following major repairs: average repair reactor with an overload of the core, turbine repair, repair of security systems, storage racks were replaced fuel.

All repairs were performed with appropriate quality, thanks to the determined work of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant personnel to improve the technology of repair and maintenance of equipment, the upgrade and modernization of equipment, qualifications and professionalism of the station.

Staff who took part in the conduct of planned maintenance, coped with their tasks efficiently and professionally, demonstrating the highly skilled actions in carrying out major operations, allowing the opportunity to bring a block of repair before. When planning and carrying out repair the main priority was to maintain a high level of safety and reliability of the equipment.

Since the beginning of operation of the plant produced more than 860 billion kWh of electricity.

The data on the radiation environment in the area of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and a 30-km surveillance zone is not different from the norm.

Prior to that, other power units have been repaired:
1 — August 29, 2011
2 — October 23, 2011
3 — February 18, 2011
4 — May 21, 2011
6 — April 22, 2007

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