AvtoVAZ shares fell by 14 percent over the day

Already one day price of the common stock carmaker fell by 14.6%. More May 4, Friday, at 11:00 unit price was 19.15 rubles per MMBV-RS. To 14:00 the value of securities has not changed. 11:00 for days before the shares were traded on the Stock Exchange of 22.43 rubles. Preferred shares per day fell by 19.3%. Cost per Unit of 11:00 is 8.25 rubles, and by 14:00 fell to 6.65 rubles.

The fall of all the securities of "AvtoVAZ" began on May 3. The reason was the information about the joint venture Renault-Nissan, «Troika Dialog" and "Russian Technologies", which will create to buy a majority stake in the carmaker. Investors were disappointed that the joint venture will be created only in 2014, although it should have been formed in 2012-2013.

As stated in the agreement signed on 3 May, the joint venture will own 74.5% of "AvtoVAZ". Renault-Nissan in a common enterprise will receive 67.13%. It was stipulated that Renault, which owns a quarter of the capital group, is investing $ 300 million. Nissan is not yet a shareholder. After joining the company in the joint venture investment of 450 million. "Russian Technologies", in turn, restructured loans automotive corporations.

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