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In a strange game of supernatural forces unexpectedly became embroiled President of the Latvian Centre for Research anomalies Ufolats Yevgeny Sidorov. A recent psy-contact one of the women Baldone with local spirits was nothing but a warning Riga investigator of paranormal phenomena. This version was indirectly confirmed by some psychics.

Mental abnormality or …

To begin with, try a popular language, so to speak, "the fingers" to explain what is a psy-contact. It is clear that we are talking about human consciousness in contact with another, invisible reality for us. Mass of similar cases known to mankind since time immemorial. Who has not heard of any kind of shamans, magicians, sorcerers, witches and other such specialists able to communicate directly with the other forces. Different nationalities and different religions are called differently, but the essence remains the same — these are the people who are blessed with, in the opinion of their fellow supernatural powers that enable them to obtain information from sources, not mere mortals.
However, many examples and how ordinary people witnessed unexplained phenomena — heard strange voices, watched Dreamscapes, acted as if by command of the will of others. Our modern life, with its rapid scientific and technological progress in this regard has not changed. Continue to carry out their activities magicians and sorcerers, reproduce by budding psychics and clairvoyants, and among the common people is a huge amount of psi-contactors. We are not going to talk about the nature of this phenomenon and try to explore it from a scientific point of view. Suffice it to say that the work is going. Just brush off that does not fit the traditional understanding of things is simply impossible — the number of real evidence of the existence around us some parallel worlds is growing. Meanwhile, conventional medicine still explains the phenomena that occur with psy-contactees as mental abnormality. However, this is done with some reservations, because among geniuses are too crazy.

Telephone anomaly

The case of Yevgeny Sidorov once again raises questions about the versatility of being and consciousness.

— There is a principle of synchronicity of events, when far without each other cause-and-effect relationships unexpected event suddenly intertwined, — says the researcher of anomalous phenomena. — Well, for example, you're walking down the street and think about what a distant friend of his childhood, of which one hundred years has seen. Turned the corner and suddenly … faced with this man. It seems incredible, but these examples are many. This simultaneous recently occurred to me. Ten days ago I got a call from Say and asked to read a lecture on anomalous phenomena. I agreed on October 14. A week later, the phone rang from Baldone from a woman who said that she was in contact with the spirits and called my home phone number. This weekend we got together to go to her, but before I left I decided to call and warn Baldone. So I dialed the wrong number, she told me, and I get how much do you think? In Shoyu …! There, where going to give a lecture about the anomalous phenomena! A very strange combination, is not it? Well, we come to Baldone, the woman we all said their contacts, recalls the case of poltergeist and in the end I asked her: "Marita, and why the phone is something you gave me the wrong?" She says, "How wrong? Am I not know my home phone?" Once again, even when it once again calling on the phone and it was said again fall into the shoyu. She can not understand.

"Eugene, be careful!"

— It can be assumed that it would inspire the spirits as a phone number, which she tells me, and thus through it give me some information about what the 14th will be something connected with the town of Seja. But what it can be, moreover, that there I lecture? It already looks like a warning. Basically, I do not rule out that in fact there is a contact with some entities of the spiritual realm, even though we know that in classical psychiatry is related to pathology. Still, it's too beautiful for mere coincidence.

Yevgeny Sidorov, wanting to understand the intricacies happened, he turned for help to those who, as he says, — claim to extrasensory. When did this quite tricky, complicating the task of psychics, saying, prove, guys, what you can do. He just asked them for their information channels to see what was expected from him on October 14. Oddly enough, has been very poor prognosis — at a certain time of day may come in contact with demonic forces. "Eugene, be careful not to succumb to provocations," — he said psychics.

This article was prepared just before the "fateful" date. On 15 October, we called Mr Sidorov and learned the details of what happened on October 14.

It turns out, October 14 Eugene and his colleagues went to the address for a meeting with local residents, as agreed in advance, in Seya. -And what was their surprise when, after a fruitless search of the venue, it became clear that the meeting actually take place in … Pabazhi, a few dozen kilometers from Sei! So that is what the spirits warned Marita: Seja — false venue! Hmmm … this combination of chance is beyond reason. Moreover, after the meeting, the machine on which the researchers arrived in Pabazhi, suddenly refused alarm system (got new batteries in the key fob) and they barely opened his car. We really keep silent about the fact that on October 15 in Eugene computer strangely erased all the files associated with the event on October 14.

And Yevgeny Sidorov told about some enchanted forest in Dobelsky area where during felling is often out of order all the equipment, and the workers begins to "move down the roof," and they were almost thrown at each other with chainsaws. This forest, by the way, is located near Pokaini forests — the most sacred places in Latvia, which will soon travel to another expedition researchers of anomalous phenomena. Maybe one of them will be the correspondent of "MK". Follow our publications.

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