Bard of Liberty fired

Beshenkovichi opposition activist in the area, the German teacher George Stankevich received a warning that the next academic year of his contract is renewed. But he said he was ready for this since the time of the last local elections, which decided to take part. George Stankevich took part in the "Freedom of Bordeaux."

George Stankevich said that the non-renewal of the contract is not learned on the job, but just to Beshenkovichi fairs where selling locally grown potatoes in their yards:

"Here I stand and sell their potatoes. Suitable headmaster:" We need to sign him to a piece of paper. "Come on, I say. Tyts She told me under his breath:" Read … "Well, I signed up. Thank you, I say, great. People I sympathize, pity, ah-ah-ah … And I say that nothing bad will happen. I've been to this morally and otherwise prepared in every way."

Director of Pyatigorsk School Tatiana Miksheeva explained that the contract with Mr. Stankevich not last head of the district department of education Ivan Stallions.

That, in turn, was to deny rumors of resignation teacher:

So do not worry and do not worry about my friend "…

"That is because the BNF races? Nobody fired. As for gossip? Terminate the contract, with the first of September will be a new one. I just want to ask, he moved to a new school. School will be next to his house. And it rests. Does not understand a little bit, when he was human. So we did, and push! So do not worry and do not worry about my friend. "

Mr. Stankiewicz was very surprised when I heard about the possible employment prospects. First, in the village of Old Ranchytsy, where he lives, there is no school at all — not next to his house, or anywhere else. Second, there are no proposals on the new job did not exist. The one thing he has — is the official paper of the non-renewal of the contract.

The activist said that before the eventual dismissal mentally prepared as early as during the last local elections. Balyatuyuchysya in Beshenkovichy district council, the first time he felt indifferent to the person from the district leadership at a time when the Election Commission has banned the broadcast of his appeal to voters through local radio.

In radio broadcasts Pyatigorsk high school teacher talked about the realities of their lives — for example, his teacher's salary, which is so small that it is necessary to keep the economy, to somehow survive. Broadcast his speech was allowed only after the intervention of the Central Election Commission.

The second case was an activist of the pressure on the judicial process for distributing samizdat newspaper "bloodless" that George Stankevich publishes a circulation of 299 copies at their own expense. The court decided that the publisher violates procedure for the distribution of periodicals, and fined him 700,000 rubles.

George Stankevich, as he says, not scared and that is: it is in "Kryvintsy" he's going to tell his countrymen about the details of his dismissal:

I open people's eyes to what is done in the area, and then they think that no one notices …

"This time there will be more if the potatoes with a little razbyarusya. So then I'll go to all instances, the chairman of the department of education shall come, to the chairman of the district executive committee. Will gather all the information in the" Kryvintsy "will be printed. I've got a list of professional achievements are much more something the list of deficiencies, which I ascribe to. Oversight — it's part in the elections and the "bloodless." So what is the downside? I open people's eyes to what is done in the area, and then they think that no one notices. And people come up, asking when is the next room, and readers of my growing. "

German teacher George Stankevich in 2006 he was second in the regional competition "Teacher of the Year" in 2007, he was awarded the diploma for the good work in 2008 and 2009 respectively leadership celebrated his achievements in sports education students. Nevertheless, the latter signed a contract with him for only one year, while the rest of the teachers — for five years.

Activist knew what account management. But he says that neither the measures nor the present are not afraid of the consequences of his:

to death I will not die, and I will fight to the last …

"Thus for me not to throw the bridle. This is my wife is all very emotional senses. She does a nurse in a hospital, the salary of 300 rubles. My son is a big, will be attending graduation class. Well, I got cows, I will sow more potatoes so live on. So to death I will not die, and I will fight to the last. "

George Stankevich, among other things, writes poetry and songs, he took part in the "Freedom of Bordeaux." Now that the work of the school will not take time, he intends to use his literary skills and more for the sake of cooperation with the independent media.



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