Barsakelmes — go and do not come back

"Border of the North-East", 02.07.2003, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, n27, nn21, 22-23

Author: Alexander Glazunov

"Will you come and do not come back" — that is translated into Russian Barsakelmes name of the island in the Aral Sea, which was in the 70s alien base

The sun was at its zenith when the patrol boat with a dozen gunmen and three officers on board buried his nose in the sandy shore of the island Barsakelmes. The water surface of the Aral Sea was calm, the sky — not a cloud, so visitors immediately surprised by the Club offing gray wall of fog. Looking at her, Major — Senior group laughed and said thoughtfully:
— Will you — do not come back …
— What do you mean? — Puzzled look on him one of the officers.
— Nothing in particular. Just as translated from Kazakh name for the island.
A few minutes later, stretched out a rank, the soldiers entered the fog. At this point, Major felt incomprehensible anxiety. Expeditions were to investigate reports of numerous eyewitnesses observed on the island of unexplained phenomena. Here repeatedly seen flying glowing orbs, people, once here, experiencing irrational fear, encountering mysterious creatures … But how can I check these, to say the least, absurd rumors with offices soldier, an officer not represented. However, if they still meet something unusual, he will not stand on ceremony — on this account given clear instructions to him …
Shroud abruptly cut short, and soldiers stumble upon a high fence. Major rubbed his eyes in disbelief. No fence here was not to be. He made a sign to the slave hold a gun at the ready, while he himself, clutching the edge of the fence, pulled himself up and looked at what her. Before his astonished gaze appeared low rocky hill, next to which was a ball five meters in diameter, shimmers in the sun matt silvery sheen. Not far from the strange object had three strangely dressed man on his belt hung every weapon resembling a blaster from the sci-fi movie.
After jumping to the ground, the Major ordered his soldiers to quietly move along the fence, weapons unlocked and be ready for battle. Action plan had been simple: there are armed men, they need to be detained. If they would resist, it is necessary to use force. Soon, the fence seemed wide opening, Major waved his gun, gave the command, and all silently rushed to the sparkling ball. People standing near him, grabbed their weapons, but were instantly cut gunfire.
He ordered not to touch anything to anyone, Major searched the bodies, took one of his belt long thick tube with a handle and a few colored buttons. Pointing the muzzle in the sand, he pressed a button, but … Nothing happened, neither of the laser beam (the major reason was waiting for it), not even a shot.
— Wow — suddenly whistled officer standing nearby, squatting on his haunches. Now the others noticed a small, becoming in front of a brown stain caked sand. What kind of temperatures are needed for this?
— Comrade Major, with the ball found the entrance to the cave — reported one of the soldiers.
Grotto in the rock was wide enough to time could pass a few people. The commander waved the officers, they say, check out what's inside. He himself this time decided to take the time subconsciously knowing: fate brought him to something so that you manage not understand until his death. But the probability of meeting her here is the most that neither is high. And he was right.
After going down the aisle, the military found themselves in a small room lined with long tables with strange equipment, the center of which, obviously, was the remote control. At the tables, leaning over the controls, sat dressed in dark suits huge creatures more than two meters tall, looks very similar to humans. And the tables were walking along the little men in silver suits.
Hall was filled with a steady light, pouring out of nowhere. Then gunfire broke the silence.
It was seen as falling dwarfs, but the bullet did not cause harm to a completely two-meter giants. It was they who fought back the attackers …
The commander, who visited the cave prudently last was now in the most favorable position for the retreat, which soon turned into a stampede.
This is the story that occurred in the 70s with the soldiers KGB troops, recently told my friend her party — the same major, commanded the detachment.
On the mysterious island Barsakelmes I've heard before. Those who have been there, says, in one place islands clock stops in the other run like crazy.
Here and there you hear weird crackling and his ears hear "ethereal noise" as in radio. At night, many noticed that between the fingers slipped them a spark. And almost everyone appears unwarranted anxiety.
However Barsakelmes often happened something more serious. That's not long before we have described the events he saw there chitinets Igor Pavlenko, together with his friends spent the night on the island: "The huge disk of the moon rose nearly to the zenith. And then the unbelievable happened: the center of the island pulled up a column of light, like a spotlight, but significantly denser. Bottom of it was wide, and the top was like a light needle pierces space and going into space. Beam changed its color from white to dark red, from blue to yellow-green, and ran it as a color wave. A a few minutes the lower end of the beam was as thin as a needle, which began to describe the island ever-increasing circles. And then over the sea lit up the huge lights hanging in the space of the city.
This topographic pattern we observed for 20-30 minutes, then she vanished instantly, as if it was turned off, only the silent stars and moon still hanging over us. "
All the strange events occurring on Barsakelmes became known to intelligence agencies. Here for such information to be taken seriously and suggested: on the island near the base of aliens. Apparently, Igor Pavlenko and his friends saw the "landing" great cosmic mother ship — it hung over the island in the energy beam, and that it "planted". It was a very big machine, arrives at the base of a rather rare. She probably was equipped with a powerful energy generators, it was he who was responsible for all the anomalies that occurred with the equipment and spend hours on the island, as well as appearing in the ears of the people of noise if they wander into the central part Barsakelmes.
Here then sent the KGB to find everything in place. During the two-meter shooting creatures were immune, it is probably biorobots. But the dwarfs are affected by the fire — apparently, the hosts database.
Attempted just a couple of days a new military campaign on the island have failed. Combed the length and breadth of Barsakelmes, the soldiers found no fence, no cave-equipped ultra-modern equipment …
This is a strange case, it would be possible to forget, considering his usual fiction, but I recently read in a magazine "UFO" an inhabitant of Togliatti SV Aleynikov. He quoted a passage from the diary of his grandfather Ivan Romanov, who in the early XX century, lived on the territory of present-day Yakutia. In June 1906 my grandfather went into the forest to hunt and decided to spend the night there. Collecting dry sticks for a fire, he suddenly came across a small pit. Going down to it, the hunter found the entrance to the tunnel that led him to the great hall. "This room, the height of about eight yards, was all made of metal. On both sides there were some mechanisms. Beat light from the ceiling. After a while I felt a weakness and headache, and back in the same way as the come."
All this suggests that the base of extraterrestrial civilizations, which goes so much talk, it may indeed exist. Moreover, the meaning of the name Barsakelmes "go — do not go back" can be
attributed to any of the places where there are representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. But not because they are cruel to the people, but rather the opposite — they have to defend themselves against aggressive person. And it is not clear whether they came to us, maybe it's we have them at a party!

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