Battle SWAT. Secrets fighting near Lake Zhalanashkol

Battle SWAT. Secrets fighting near Lake Zhalanashkol
No hesitation, when will the required amount of time limitations expires, and will be declassified documents on the events of the border conflict at Lake Zhalanashkol in 1969. between the USSR and the People’s Republic of China, by the public, it would seem, has long been known facts are waiting for new discoveries. Have to rewrite section in Wikipedia and not only. To do this, there are prerequisites. In the autumn of 1998 at an event held for the civil defense in the technical lyceum № 7 town Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, with representatives of different organizations I was lucky enough to meet Nikolai Alexandrovich Ebel, then deputy chief of repair service company thermally networks. Had a lot of time, he was a fascinating conversationalist, and apart from the rest said that specifically took part in the fighting on the border of China and the Kazakh SSR, when serving in the army.

First material on these events in the media I was able to see the only in 2004, in the «Arguments and Facts» № 42 dated October 20, entitled «A step away from World War II» and I was surprised a lot of discrepancies in the description of events, Ebel submitted NA and creator of newspaper material Oleg Gerchikova. I suggest to you a comparative analysis.

At first the background, taken from Wikipedia:

After the events of spring 1969 Sino-Soviet provocations on the peninsula from the PRC have not ended. In May and June of the same year the situation has escalated to the ledge Dzhungarskiy Kazakh section of the border. On August 12, the area of ​​China in close proximity to the Russian frontier, «Spring» and «Zhalanashkol» was seen moving reinforced groups of Chinese soldiers. Head of the Eastern Border Area Chinese side offered to negotiate, but received no response. Both gates were put on alert overpriced, dug trenches along the border, more threatened areas created a system of trenches and posts on the flanks are two APCs mobile group.

Materials and Wikipedia «AIF» complement each other faster and slightly diverging, telling about the heroism of Russian border guards capable of solving complex tasks without the help of others, only the «AIF» even casual operates fairly hackneyed theme of «silence of Moscow.»

«AIF» — At night in Moscow, the General Directorate of Border Guards, called head of the political boundary of the Eastern neighborhood, Colonel (now General) Igor Petrov. Be heard, politely thanked him for the message and hung up. The same thing happened with the duty officer of the KGB. Moscow’s behavior made me think of Colonel, and he tried to «ping» the situation by personal connections. Familiar from the headquarters of Border secretly said management «in the loop», but remained silent.

And at this time … with the words Ebel NA served as a private in the army special purpose, then what happened and not written in the «AIF» and Wikipedia.

— August 12, 1969. our unit was ordered to be loaded into transport aircraft 12 and already specifically in flight insignia we own form was changed to Border tabs and shoulder straps. Issued caps.

— For what?

— Order. Border conflict also means can not go beyond the act of border troops, otherwise it is a war.

— Weird, I personally do not understand the explanation. As it was on?

— NIGHT MODE landed, guided to a light flashlights. Was the wind, more variation during landing us in the morning to the place of collection from the company came just 25-30 people. Advanced to the limit to the height entrenched.

— But so could someone get to the Chinese, because planting was carried out in close proximity to the state border?

— I do not know what was the planting scheme. Maybe particularly aircraft with our group was held in the immediate vicinity to the border. We were set a task, we fulfilled. By the same area of ​​the state border, which should block was sufficiently extended, parachuted full brigade. Provocation could wait a few places, and lucky, so to speak specifically to us.

— Do not remember the names of geographical bindings? Lake? Knoll?

— No. Yes, not enough there are lakes and hills. All we know is that we are on the border with China in the area Ucharalskom Kazakh SSR.

With reference to the area of ​​the Kazakh SSR Ucharalskom account of events begins parties partly coincide. Partly why? In Wikipedia and «AIF» said that Chinese soldiers on August 13, 1969. seeped deep into the terrain of the USSR up to 400 meters, and for what purpose is not indicated. Yet, in their aim was, this says Nikolai:

— Chinese moved the border posts on our countryside, the old pit from which they pulled them, then buried and masked humus. Want, you will not find.

But it turned out later. Certainly, Ebel NA could not know, as previously developed actions which nature had provocations, their starting times, he told what he knew. When Chinese soldiers came to strip their trenches began with bodanie pushing each other on the parapets grew into a melee dump. Was the order to «squeeze out» the perpetrators, as reported in «AIF» and Vicki? Can be and has been, but at the moment the boys were left to fend for themselves, 30 of our fighter against more than 70 of them, this information converges sides. Roth vs. platoon. Nikolai claims that there was a serious order — not to open fire and not to let more Chinese people, with genuine puzzlement adding:

— It was hard. All entirely dvuhmetrovye fellow. But where they scored two meter Chinese?

Very exciting to slip thin man rise 1 meter 85 cm No hesitation that from the PRC had the same ‘human guards «as our hero. In any case, provocation differs from misunderstandings that painstakingly prepared and requests special abilities. Yet, our special forces proved stronger.
The first shot was heard from the Chinese military, according to Nikolai Alexandrovich («AIF» and Wikipedia is meant).

— Beside me, my friend was killed Vitaly Ryazanov. After that fire from our side I first opened. Later, it was a day or three more fights to blow inland areas of China, there were many victims of blood.

The latter said Ebel NA should be treated with caution, because there is a significant personal factor intervenes. From the words of the party after he was designated events under investigation, was sitting in the brig for about a month, upon the opening of the first fire without orders. Wished to convey his case to the tribunal of the military court. Fortunately nothing happened.

Imagine yourself in the place of a special officer, and that he could still make a fighter in those criteria? Do what you have and whether that will let them deal with the intricacies of diplomats.

— Nicholas, on the part of offenders sounded single shots. How many times have you shot in response?

— And also two … three … automatic rifle.

In any case, does not seem to have different certificates of participants of those events, it seems quite natural that the actions of the lake Zhalanashkol exemplify sparkling action as Russian intelligence and special forces have since caught up head and shoulders above the Chinese comrades, as we ever something yet to be seen. Separately must say a huge thank you to soldiers performing their own debt.

The text attached scanned photos of «AIF» taken from the archives of the FSB Border Troops, as annoying it may sound, the online archive of the newspaper it was inaccessible for some reason, so I apologize for its poor quality. It Tipo imprinted parties to the conflict, people circled marker breathtakingly similar to Ebel NA, but it may be a coincidence.
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