Be Free festival in Chernihiv break from politics

Municipality of the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv previously canceled a scheduled meeting of the organizing committee of the international festival of Be Free (Be free) with the participation of representatives of the local authorities. No motive in this case it does not fall. After that, the Belarusian organizers were forced to Be Free to declare that the festival, which was scheduled for August 21-22, will take place.

Belarusian organizer Be Free Vitaly Supranovich reported that the preparation for the festival in Chernihiv was conducted with the New Year, almost all this time organizers we contact local authorities.

"At the site looking for the equipment, partners, and so on. Now, to understand what is going on there, it is difficult. Earlier in the organization no problems. Playground in Chernigov fully in line with our vision of the festival. "

Be Free festival held since 2007 in different cities of Ukraine — in Lutsk, Lviv, Chernihiv. The aim of the festival — combine the best rock projects and public neighboring countries the idea of freedom, and to draw attention to the modern rock scene in Belarus. In This year, 20 preparing for the festival of young and well-known bands from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and France. Vitaly Supranovich so estimates of the possible reasons for the denial of Chernihiv City Hall:

Likely that the local authorities are afraid, lest what they can then blame the political rivals.

"Here and total change of power in Ukraine. And, for example, in Chernihiv local elections will be held in the autumn. There will be elections of the mayor and the local council. Likely that the local authorities are afraid, lest what they can then blame the political rivals. "

In Chernihiv City Hall did not comment the decision, promise only to send a written response to the festival organizers. Comments on the situation of Chernigov activist Peter Antonenko:

"In reality, such actions do not match our power. Does not fit the format. After all, the festival has a clear political overtones, and that's no secret. The festival and the discussion and dissemination of literature and the activities of the political plan. And it is necessary at such festivals.

As they say, the political character of the festival does not fit our power. That's it. No other real reason. "

Peter Antonenko said that with the advent of the new government in Ukraine in general has changed for the worse attitude not only to mass actions, but also to freedom of speech:

"I think this is due to political changes in Ukraine in us with the advent of the new government — the new old, as we call here. After all, this government has been — as Yanukovych was prime minister. Generally we call this power "postkuchmavskim mode" — "Kuchma-2." Came the old regime, and all associated with it now. We have a lot of these changes are not for the better. Freedom of expression is minimized. And in political terms, begin to pursue the rally participants, pickets. Everything goes in this vein — in line with curtailing democratic freedoms in Ukraine. "


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