Be Free no place in Chernihiv


The organizers of the traditional festival of Be Free report that the City Council of the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, where scheduled IV Music Festival, does not grant permission to hold it. After receiving a preliminary verbal agreement, the organizers expect more than a month of official papers confirming the application.

Scheduled for an official committee with the participation of the authorities of Chernigov was canceled without explanation. From informal sources initiators event learned that Chernigov authorities are in contact with the official Belarusian side, that advises not to allow the festival:

"The fate of the international festival, which is held on the Ukrainian territory, de facto in the hands of Belarusian authorities, — said in a statement on the matter. — This position concerning the abolition of the free, open to all groups and cultural action aimed at improving contacts between Belarus and Ukraine, it is surprising. "

In this situation the organizing committee has to say: August 21-22 Be Free festival will not happen. Depending on the attainment of the other place and due to the high level of organization, the festival will be postponed or rescheduled for the summer of 2011.

Be Free festival held since 2007 in different cities of Ukraine (Lutsk, Lviv, Chernihiv), with the support of local authorities. After last year's Be Free organizers have not heard from the government of Chernigov any criticism. In May, the festival was previously approved at the meeting with representatives of the City Hall, after which they were signed preliminary agreements with groups and technical support of the festival.


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