Belarusian-language schools and classes are less

In these days of school Belarus determine the number of students who want to study in Belarusian. According to national legislation, even if there is a single application for the administration of this institution has to go to meet the wishes of parents and children and to organize training belarusskoyazychnoe.


In the Belarusian-language school classrooms are fully equipped

The Brest region in large cities, with the exception of the regional center, not at Belarusian schools or classes. In the villages, the situation is different — about 50% of Belarusian-language schools completely.

Experts of the city education department of Brest say that the creation of the Belarusian-language class, as well as the class with the language of national minorities — Polish and Ukrainian — just their parents' request. When a child enters school, the parents, processing documents, indicate the language want to teach your child. And such a statement should be happy. Clarifies employee Brest Education Department:

"In any class, first, seventh, at the request of the parents, we can carry on the education of children in the desired language. But over the past seven years, we have not received a single application."

In this case, there is a gymnasium in Brest, where instruction is only in the Belarusian language. The educational institution is not aware of problems with the students. Belarusian-language classes, as experts of the city department of education, are fully equipped with:

"In the third high school education is taught entirely in the Belarusian language. However, such an educational institution in our city unique."

In Pinsk, a few years ago, there Belarusian schools, said the specialist of education of the city:

"Before, there was a 17th school with the Belarusian language learning. But the last few years in our city do not even exist at all classes with the Belarusian language learning."

In the district department of education Pinsky executive committee said that in the area, however, as the entire region, Belarusian-language schools and classes were only in the villages:

"Today, in our area there are about half Russian and half of the Belarusian-language schools."

Chairman of the Board of Baranovichy Belarusian Language Society named Victor F. Scorina Syritsa notes that, despite the results of the census, according to which more than 70% of citizens have called their mother tongue Belarus, the situation in education looks quite different. Victor Syritsa notes that in the efforts of the organization instituted to create a class with a native language of instruction:

"In Baranavichy there are no schools or even classes with the Belarusian language learning. And four years ago, there have four classes. And now all disappeared. This school year, we hope to create a class of 10-12 children. Now waiting that will be written statement to the Department of Education. "


The official said that the Belarusian-create a class of three students is impractical

In Mogilev, while only three first-graders are ready to study in Belarusian. The Department of Education City Council declare that such a large number of students is not enough to open a separate class.

In total, the Department of Education for the City Council in writing addressed belarusskoyazychnoe education for their children, five parents. Two children, however, will have to wait another year of school, as they are too small.

They also will be an empty class. Only three people will sit …

"They will also be an empty class. Only three people will sit. A school we are overloaded. Maybe someone else wants of the parents. All we had to do — we did. And meeting was conducted and posted an ad on the site in schools it was stated in the gardens and talked with the children and their parents, "- said an employee of the Department of Education.

On Head of the Department of Education Sergei Kozlov, to create in Mogilev Belarusian-language class, you need to fifteen people. Formation of a class of three students — inappropriate.

Parents concrete answer to the question of whether this year Belarusian-class in Mogilev, officials did not give:

"I asked what school she will, because for us it is very important. Deputy Kozlov said, we do not know. Should they somehow decide. It is necessary to prepare the class, teachers — all the materials. Nothing is being done" — said the mother of the future pershaklyasnitsy Hope Solovyov.

Vitebsk Region

In Gluboksky school held belarushchyny

In Vitebsk, even in high school number 1, which has the status of a national, three years without gaining a first class with the Belarusian language learning.

The school, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the city, and was first Belarusian-only elementary school. Now it is completely switched to teaching in Russian, and in their native language — only the history of Belarus.

The most recent set of classes with the Belarusian language training was in high school number 40. Here is what the Secretary of the institution, which is now engaged in the reception of documents:

"Such a class we do not have. Was used, but in the last year did not gain, and now will not. Well, before we had a teacher-entuziyastka, Burda Svetlana Esifavna. But now she works as the head of the kindergarten in the October district, it is more than we have. And before we went to the kids from all over the city. "

Belarusian-class rested entirely on the initiative of the teacher. For now, the parents of first-graders in the school unless told that hypothetically create a class with a native language of instruction possible. But in fact this is a complex bureaucratic procedure, says Secretary:

"We always talk to the parents' meetings, and to have been wanting, then the class would be. But there must be at least 15 people. And then, even if the statements are, it is not I decide, I'm just a secretary and director of the school decides together with Head of the regional department of education. And then the executive committee must approve, it's not just like that! "

Perhaps the only region in the area where you can get an education in the Belarusian language — it Glubochchina.

In high school, number 3, and this year will be Belarusian-language elementary school. They are formed with some perspective — most of the students then goes to study in Belarusian-again Glubokskiy school. Here are learning in the fifth grade, they just go a set of students. And only a few of the number of parents from time to time require to put the training into Russian, told the deputy Director of the institution:

majority of the parents of class it was decided that the Belarusian language do …

"It is. We have one dad, he's a former" Afghan ", so that's two years in a row he had raised the issue, but a majority of parents of class, it was decided to engage in the Belarusian language. This issue we're having this year, and it rises every year. But, I think it's wonderful that we are learning in the Belarusian language. "


Children's education in Belarusian struggling parents

This year, the number 23, the Minsk school recruited two Belarusian-language classes. However, before you get to the list, parents and children had to worry. Father of first-graders Dmitry Savko says that in the beginning of
the school year, the administration has promised to meet all requests for belarusskoyazychnoe training, but then …

"The administration has changed its attitude to 180 degrees. Therefore, we were forced to go to Minsk city executive committee and report to the authorities for failure to comply with the relevant legislation. Objection is not met. School was ordered to take all the children we have stated as first-graders. Therefore, on June 1, has no obstacles we were in high school did not create. "

Dmitry Savca believes that stronger than in the regions, the position of the Belarusian-language education in Minsk saved through greater resolve parents:

"Usually, parents of children in the Belarusian-speaking families — are active people. They — knit, grouped and are able to achieve the. Virtually every day they are fighting for the rights of the Belarusian language heard in Belarus. Obstacles and scare them, as it was in the capital's school number 23, does not have to. "

The Ministry of Education until the situation in the Belarusian-language training refuse to comment. President of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko as assessing the situation with Russian education in schools:

Ales Lozko

"The situation remains almost the same over the last few years. Number of classes with a Russian training is reduced. Though, for example, in Belarus there are schools that are constantly gaining class with a Russian training. It — High School number number 4, 9, 14. I want to remind that according to the Constitution, all schools must meet the application for belarusskoyazychnoe training, but, unfortunately, the Directorate schools create problems if fed one, two or three applications. They need to once a class has been formed. "

According to statistics, the Belarusian-language schools in the country — nearly 1,900. But the primary way they are in the villages, so the mother tongue in the previous year were trained only 18.6 percent of schoolchildren.


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