Belarusian tropics

"This kind of heat in Belarus is a once in 20 years" — said the chief forecaster Olga Hydrometeocentre Fedotov.

"This past weekend was beaten perennial records the temperature in Gomel (35 degrees — Freedom) And Mogilev (33 degrees), "said Fedotov. On Sunday, July 18 was a broken record of the day in Minsk.'s So hot — 32.9 degrees on July 18 in Minsk was never, ever meteanazirannyav.

Belarus — the heat

"It is too early to draw conclusions about the abnormally hot summer. Season is not over yet. But the first half of the summer really hot," meteorologist stressed in an interview with Interfax.

On July 19 forecasters announced a storm warning. At 11 to 17 hours in most parts of Belarus are expected thunderstorms, which will last until the end of the day. Partly expected heavy rains and wind speeds of 20 meters per second.

In Minsk drowned 9 people

Over the weekend and Friday in Minsk 9 people drowned, said senior assistant prosecutor of Minsk Sergei Balashov.

"9 persons: 8 men and a girl born in 1973," — said Balashov.

People are drowning in Svislochi in reservoirs Vileisky-Minsk water system, Chizhovsky reservoir. In Belarus, more than 70% of people who drown were drunk.

Gomel oblast: Failures energazabyaspyachenni

July 17 at 12:04 pm because of an explosion at the substation "Western" o Gomel without electricity remained one of the city's hospitals, sewage pumping station, 170 multi-family homes.

Because of the heat stopped working two substations in the October district of Gomel region. As a result, the district was left without electricity center, BelTA informs.

Intense heat will be back: "The people of the republic on its bulb can observe and 40, and 50 degrees"

After short-term weakening of the heat in Belarus once again become hot, the Interfax news agency reported hydrometeorological chief forecaster Olga Fedotov.

"Short-term weakening of the heat in Belarus brought air masses from northern Scandinavia (…) On Tuesday expected impact of fresh air from Scandinavia. Temperature of the air, depending on the region of Belarus, July 20 will be 24-29 degrees in the south-east — up 30-32, and the heat from the environment will gain strength again, "- said Fedotov.

"July 21-24 in Belarus is expected to be very hot weather — 27-34 degrees, 35-36 degrees in some places," — she specified.

Forecasters explain that professional air temperature measurements are made "in specially designed booths that pravetryvayutstsa on all sides, and termometar is in the shadows."

"Residents of Belarus on its bulb can observe and 40 and 50 degrees. Such indicators thermometer will record directly to sunlight. Figure will be even higher if termometar put into black ashes," — the weatherman.

On the way to escape from the heat of Belarus — later on our site.



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