Black spot in the Lovozero tundra

I do not know, have you ever heard various rumors about the Lovozero tundra — godforsaken place and mysterious?
In short they can retell this: the far north of the parallel of 67, is the area where against all odds grow strawberries and red currants. It was there that are dying under mysterious circumstances tourists and Sami There is an old legend about an evil giant Kuyva …


If you look at a map of the Kola Peninsula, you can see a small portion of the Khibiny, sandwiched between two large lakes in the west — and east Umbozero — Lovozero. In the center of the rock mass is a sacred lake and the valley called Lovozero tundra. These places are deaf, sparsely populated, enjoying the notoriety. Legend has it that in ancient times by the locals — Sami attacked giant Kuyva. The Sami people have fought bravely with the evil giant, but were not able to defeat him. And then they turned to their gods. Last but only saw his excesses, so in a rage hurled at him a bundle of lightning. Kuyva was burned to ashes. The imprint of his body was left on the rock Angvundaschorr (72 meters), the highest peak of the Lovozero tundra.
With this ancient legends of the valley and went bad rumor. The fear of the locals before Lovozero tundra was so great that at the dawn of Soviet power with revelatory articles about the dangers of superstition, and the intrigues of the shamans were well-known in the local newspaper Murmansk Bolsheviks. However, the printed word is helped slightly, because Sami did not know how to read.
In 1921, a scientific expedition visited the valley Barchenko Alexander, who has studied the phenomenon of mass psychosis among the locals. In 1938 Professor Barchenko was arrested by the NKVD as a pest and soon shot. Subsequently, approximately the same fate befell the other members of the expedition.
In the late 50's in Hibinah were first mountaineering and tourist groups, which ran routes and Lovozero tundra. Particularly attracted climbers peak Angvundaschorr, but to subdue it and have not managed to anyone. Moreover, one of the climbs over the deaths of two climbers, not beginners, but experienced climbers.
In the summer of 1965 in the Lovozero tundra saw the first case of incomprehensible destruction of tourists. In the valley of the left and did not return at the appointed time a group of four. Managed only to find the remains of bodies. The cause of death remained unclear. Another tragedy occurred a few years later. This time, 11 people were killed. The official investigation concluded the mass poisoning with mushrooms. And just in case, all mountaineering, hiking trails on the Lovozero tundra were closed.
Travelers in the famous tundra drew her wonderful nature. In fact, it was very tempting to find a place in the Arctic Circle, where instead of clumsy and sparse vegetation are slender birch and aspen grow large strawberries, currants, and mushrooms, aspen with excessively large heads. Equally attractive are the Sacred Lake and on the banks of which the ancient Sami prayed to their gods. According to legend, there was a huge tent, where from all camps were brought rich gifts, up to the gold nuggets. In the time of the conquest of local tribes Norwegian konung — Hakone old chum was largely destroyed by the conquerors. However, it kept the treasures shamans had drowned in the deep waters of the Sacred Lake.
Despite the ban, each season here yet rushed group of "wild" travelers who had heard about the unusual and mysterious place. Today, it added, "black" and paleontologists "meteoritchiki." First look for ancient fossils. Second are searching fragments handritovogo carbonaceous meteorite that fell here during the Ice Age. It is worth noting that the paleontological data and meteoritic fragments are highly valued by the "black" market. For example, for a rare meteorite fragment can lay up to 100 dollars per gram of weight.

Three Versions

What happens in the Lovozero tundra? At this point, there are many different opinions, but it makes sense to talk about a few of them. The most famous version is the hidden source of thermal energy, which is looking for expedition of Alexander Barchenko. She holds a significant percentage of those who have been in the valley, although the exact nature of the call source, they find it difficult, but we are confident that the impact on the human body can cause hallucinations, restlessness, etc.
According to another version, the cause of the death and disappearance of people is living in Lovozero tundra yeti, or "abominable snowman." Renowned cryptozoologist — Eugene Frumkin collected on this account abounds. He is convinced that the legend of Kuyva — is one of the first mentions of the existence in the Valley "Bigfoot."
And finally, the latest version: in an era of glaciation in the vicinity of the Earth blew up a huge meteorite. One of its fragments fell into the area of the Kola Peninsula. Apparently, the scale of the disaster has been high. Its footprint — Lovozero tundra — a crater of a fallen meteorite.
Discovering how the Lovozero tundra in the upcoming spring and summer season is going to do a new expedition, which equips a certain individual. Her departure is scheduled for May. Will revealed the secret of this mysterious country? Wait and see …

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