Black U.S. intelligence budget

Black U.S. intelligence budget
Enormous costs, and the effect is unsatisfactory

In late August of this year, the newspaper «Washington Post» have been posted materials revealing previously unknown details of U.S. intelligence budget, betrothed concerning black. Among them hidden document — «The budget request for the implementation of programs from the state intelligence in fiscal year 2013,» which, according to the publisher, was granted to him by a former employee of NSA Edward Snowden.

The newspaper offers its readers the knitted look at the known facts based upon newly discovered information. In the comments of its own publication expresses the need to swing the volumes of money that has been invested in exploration in recent years, taking into account the absence of global threats, economic difficulties and the lack of a South American budget of one trillion dollars.

«Washington Post» draws attention to the fact that the total intelligence budget of today’s U.S. intelligence community (Table 1), referred to as the publisher for the extra money and appetite overstaffing «empire of espionage,» greater than the highest annual number of exploration expenditures during the cool war, equal to 71 billion dollars with the current tools. In this regard, the newspaper raises questions about the effectiveness of the implementation of money. She noted that after the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 was spent over 500 billion dollars, but made a reconnaissance monster as before unable to stuff the president principled information on a range of threats to state security. Namely, indicated such «critical gaps» in intelligence activities, as a lack of disk imaging about the likely response of the Russian authorities to «potentially destabilizing actions in Moscow,» the security of nuclear materials in Pakistan, tactical and technical characteristics of the next generation of Chinese fighter.

Table 1

Black U.S. intelligence budget

But critical expression «Washington Post» submitted likely attempt to minimize the bad effect of that which was formed as a result of disclosure of the hidden disk imaging another whistleblower Edward Snowden Washington policy. Indirectly recognizing the newspaper itself. Speaking of the budget requests of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), she noted that the prevalence of the CIA probably stun-independent professionals. In her opinion, the agency shall be disposed of by means of a tremendous and significant staff (21.5 thousand people, more than 11 per cent than 10 years ago), have unacceptably severe failures, as, for example, before the war in Iraq in 2003. And it deserves harsh criticism for the lack of effective methods to prevent internal threats such as terrorist attacks in the Boston Marathon, the perfect «home-grown» terrorists brothers Tsarnaevymi also for diversifying the situation around Syria.

The overall tone of the publications «Washington Post» has focused on proof U.S. administration strongly advocated the thesis that intelligence is one of the highest values ​​of the United States national security. This thesis reddish thread permeates refreshed after the events of September 11, 2001 the State Security Strategy, National Military Strategy and the National Intelligence Strategy (for the first time adopted in 2005 and updated in 2009). Content of virtually all U.S. strategic documents built on the follow pattern: the welfare of the South American nation is dependent on the power and advantages the U.S. in turn lead the United States to guarantee peace and security, and it asks to maintain all parts of American power at the appropriate level.

Formation of suitable public presentation allows military-political management of the United States, without disclosing these goals and objectives, to prove enormous costs for exploration and «punching» the adoption of legislation that provide virtually unlimited special services.

Yet placed «Washington Post» materials reveal some nuances of American intelligence, which allow to draw definite conclusions not only from a monetary point of view, and with respect to its disposition and orientation. Because of the publishing facts that strict measures taken by the U.S. administration lowering lack the municipal budget, the least affected of all intelligence. Amount of funding exploration in 2013 decreased by 1.3 billion dollars, or 1.7 percent against the budget last year, which is significantly less than the reduction in other programs motivated. For example, the Pentagon budget in 2013 cut by more than 20 billion dollars, or three percent, but only at the expense of military programs planned for 10 years to save 487 billion dollars.

With all of this it should be noted that over the past decade fabulous sums were pumped into 16 departments within the intelligence community in United States, specifically within the intelligence programs. So, since 2004 budgets of the CIA, the State Security Agency (NSA) and the Ministry of money increased by more than half, and Applets State Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Director of the State Intelligence Control, Ministry of Justice, Homeland Security and Energy — more than twice. Such stunning growth dynamics invested in exploration there was no money in the global history since the end of the second world war.

Currently, lion’s share — about 68 percent of the requested 2013 budget U.S. intelligence (excluding funds for military intelligence) accounted for three agencies: CIA — 14.7 billion dollars (28%), the NSA — 10.5 billion ( 20%), and the National Reconnaissance — 10.3 billion (19.6%).

Table 2

Black U.S. intelligence budget

With all this, judging by the types of costs (Table 2), the primary function of the CIA and the State Department Reconnaissance are obtaining and collection of information.

One of the justifications for the scope of the requested budget for exploration is its rassredotachivanie in order to address the main 5-motivated tasks that are presented in Table 3.

Table 3

Black U.S. intelligence budget

Should pay attention to the fact that the monetary limit is not actually affected the activities planned under the counter enemy reconnaissance tasks. Moreover, in order to increase the effectiveness of its decision on the company expenses as wiretapping inside the country and abroad were even increased. The magnitude and direction of the activities of U.S. intelligence evidence shows, not so long ago disclosed Snowden.

Rassredotachivanie money by types of intelligence activities is presented in Table 4. These data allow it to judge the complex and global temper U.S. intelligence activities. When all this is done at the rate of introduction of own technological advantages, in particular, and of cosmic information and communications, and the introduction of new technologies into a single integrated system for obtaining, processing and intelligence rassredotachivaniya of information.

Table 4

Black U.S. intelligence budget

For hosted «Washington Post» materials are more enthusiastic evidence motivated focus of the U.S. intelligence community. Since the mid 90s in official U.S. documents excluded implementation speed, allowing talk about the particular country as an enemy of Washington. Instead of to justify the strategic goals and objectives, including military policy, vigorously applied rhetoric type problematic countries, violation of human rights, the fight against extremist and terrorist organizations, the U.S. carrier risk, protection of democracy, humanitarian intervention, etc.

The secret «budget request» for the implementation of state Applets U.S. intelligence in 2013 called certain countries: «We are investing in targeted offensive intelligence activities against our key objectives, what are China, Our homeland, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and Cuba» . And though these countries are considered in relation to counter-intelligence activity, it should not be misleading as to the focus of the U.S. intelligence budget dark. In the aforementioned National Intelligence Strategy one of the important tasks is to integrate counter-intelligence in all the nuances of the process. On the application of state control counterintelligence Michelle Van Cleave, America is not going to yield the initiative to the enemy and wait for the emergence of new threats, so successfully oppose our enemies, South American counterintelligence itself must cross in coming.

On the background of these statements somewhat differently perceived position of strategic documents about the origin of some U.S. states, challenging global leadership, the intensification of competitive struggle for the world’s resources and the need for unimpeded access to the U.S. use of the ocean, air, and of cosmic cyber space.

Purposefully or not, but in the «budget request» reflects the position of military and political control U.S., concealed from the public and zabugornoy. It consists in the fact that our homeland is regarded as the 1st of the major geopolitical enemies of the United States. This explains the origins undertaken in recent years, efforts to weaken Russia’s position on the world stage and to destabilize the situation inside the country. Together with the efforts by the U.S. administration measures to create a global missile defense, technological upgrading and training of the armed forces to the new forms and methods of action, for example application of instant global preemptive strike, of course, imposed a conclusion about the need to take adequate measures to maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia.

Alexander Shapovalov, Doctor of Military Sciences, Associate Professor

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