Blood Chronicles Tsar Boris: Caucasian massacre

Exactly 20 years ago, Yeltsin and his allies launched the latest machinery of war in the Caucasus

1992 year entered the modern history of the Russian Federation as the first year of Yeltsin's "reforms" when neither the most "guarantor", nor his team "reformers" no one interfered. The Soviet Union was abolished and its main "gravedigger" Gorbachev as unnecessary sent to the dustbin of history, the Communist Party became a memory, and all over the country were blowing (and somewhere and went on a rampage), the winds of change. In particular, they are very rampage in the Caucasus. And in these winds could be heard clearly smell blood. Large blood.

January 10, 1992 in Chechnya, was declared a "re-speaking population," ie, the representatives are not indigenous. For what it's done — it is easy to think of how much more the new Chechen authorities immediately declared all "deviants" from the re-registration and those who have not had time to go through, "undesirable elements" and offenders. And reregister still were unnecessary elements, just as they were Russian, Ukrainians, Armenians, Greeks or Jews. So there was no place in Chechnya, Dudayev. Specifically, it, but only as a free rabsily.

And at such a catastrophic background first 1992 Severe frequent military delegations from Moscow. Grachev, Kobetc, Shaposhnikov (all — "heroes" August "coup" of 1991) and attended Dudayev spent with him "productive" talks about … the development of the armed forces of the Chechen Republic. That is the highest Russian General, as if oblivious of things happening in Chechnya genocide "speaking population," came not to call Dudayev complete outrage, do not pull up their own colleague, General and not to threaten, in the end, "cool actions." Although this Grachev, Shaposhnikov and Kobetc seemingly had every reason to, because it was perfectly clear that in Chechnya raided military camps, raped, robbed and murdered "not indigenous" population. Thanks to its source disk imaging times a day they received the information about the state of affairs in Chechnya and, of course, had to raise the question of pripiranii "foreign-language citizens", if only because the military officials said were Russian officers and wore epaulettes. Specifically, and would have made at least some Russian officer who wears his epaulets not as a device. But for heroes August 1991 Dudayev, apparently, was not the offender, but a partner that already says a lot.

February 6, 1992 Dudayev was defeated 566 th Regiment of the Internal Troops, resulting in more than 4,000 stolen firearms, about 3 million of ammunition and 186 pieces of equipment. But this is not the worst thing. As a result, the raid killed 10 and wounded 14 Russian servicemen. It is not in any gate not climbing.

Should be considered, at least some other authority similar trick against Russian military unit would have caused far-reaching consequences. But Yeltsin's power is distinguished, that the interests of the so-called. "Partners" in the set of whom was Dudayev, meant more to her than the lives of Russian fighter.

Accepted March 12, Constitution of the Chechen Republic, where black snow-white says that Chechnya is a sovereign state and a peer entity in the world community of nations. That is, in plain text Dudayev Yeltsin sends a known address, giving to understand that from this point on Chechnya no longer comes into the Russian Federation. Obvious — obvious separatism, weighed down by the same genocide, refugees and attacks on military units. Ended whether before communion with the Russian generals Dudayev's regime? Well, not so.

Apparently, someone was very necessary to undermine the Caucasus, thus undermining so that the shock wave swept and Russia. Shaposhnikov, Grachev and Yeltsin decided to transfer Dudayev 50% of all weapons held in the country. Yeltsin signed a corresponding decree. The very fact of this for myself, it would seem, would have been instantly intrigued every single law enforcement agencies — from the Ministry of Security of the Russian Federation (since at the time was called the agencies in charge of ensuring state security) to the prosecutor's office. Where have you seen a gun in the sets and it is unclear on what grounds was transferred to separatists? Fool clear against whom it is applied … But the silent MB, silent and prosecutors. A Chechnya continue to "rescue" from the Russian population.

Who are "suggested" this "timely" idea Yeltsin? And not just her. After all, except guns, Chechnya hard pumped funds and funds, as Napoleon said, This is the blood of war. But the process of independent Ichkeria weapons, even in spite of the fact that Dudayev Army was created in record time, apparently knocked out of a "plot", and that's why it was decided to speed it up. As a result of Yeltsin's decree of Russian army and interior troops almost ran out of Chechnya, leaving not 50%, and up to 85-95% of weapons.

What a gift presented Yeltsin Dudayev? How well he has prepared it for a future war with Russia? Of which will soon be killing Russian inhabitants of Chechnya, and then the Russian soldiers and officers?

Yeltsin's generosity is impressive. Thanks to the army hastily made independent Ichkeria has acquired 108 units of armored vehicles, including 42 tanks, 426 (!) Aircraft, 158 artillery systems, 18 multiple rocket launchers "Grad", 77 anti-tank installations, and 740 anti-tank guided missiles to them, more than 42,000 units of small hundred square meters of hand-guns and grenade launchers. Specifically, these launchers will burn Russian armored vehicles on the streets during the Severe bestalantnogo "New Year's assault" 1994-1995 gg., And specifically these "gifts", "Tsar Boris" overwhelm Russia funerals and zinc coffins.

According to military historian, educator Academy. Frunze Valentin Rounov in his book "Purgatory of the Chechen war," one only ammo was left 46.8 million (!) Shares and 127,000 grenades. A total of ammunition — 27 cars. Plus, "the little things", 38 tons of clothing and equipment, 3,000 tons of fuel, 254 tons of food … It is surprising that in such Yeltsin breadth of the soul leaving Chechnya soldiers and officers have not stood stark naked.

But it is — it is far from a complete list of weapons. Dudayev was a lot of things bought abroad. In this case, a large part — by Russian agents, which through Chechnya over the period 1991-94. different kind of scam, many of whom wore epaulettes, "pumped" into sets. Suffice it to recall the sensational story with fake avizovkami …

Now try to imagine for themselves, that a similar situation occurred, for example, in France. There is one region in France, where the French for centuries are not very good. More precisely, it is not good. It Corsica. Now, imagine coming to Corsica higher ranks of the French Ministry of Defense and begin to lead a "constructive" dialogue with local separatists, of which there was always a surplus. Corsicans, meanwhile, are beginning to organize the French riots, drive out the French in mainland France, and the rest — to pay into slaves. Kind of laughter for the head cut off and crucified on the cross. But the gallant French Generale these "little things" does not confuse: in fact, they decide to send something to the Corsicans hundred tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, aircraft and five hundred millions of rounds of ammunition. You can not fluctuate that for such antics French Themis quickly led to the brave General, to prison cell, and then sent straight to the hit basement. And the president,
which happened at a similar disorder, will soon be made to keep them company. And if France got involved with Corsica in the war years on 20-30-50 and would be bombarded with all this death notice, the name of the president, who made all of this, the French would be cursed for centuries. Already monuments of white marble from the "grateful compatriots" he just would not wait.

But in Russia was likely similar. Well, not just similar. There is in all this unprecedented dirty stories of betrayal one episode that looks wildly, even by the standards of the Yeltsin era. Here are given in the book of Nicholas Grodno "Unfinished War" testimony of the retired Colonel, Doctor of Technical Sciences Z.Ya. Zainulin who visited Chechnya in 1992: "The two atomic bombs are untouched. I knock on the hull. "Diagnosis" per se: both in a state of CT-1 (the degree of readiness of number 1). That is all in place, the fuses are installed. We can only run! It was the atomic bomb. Since I am — an expert on strategic rather than tactical weapons, then I could be wrong in detail, but not in the nature of the case. Power — 0.15 megatons, width — up to 1, length — up to 8.9 meters. " Also colonel said about nuclear base near A severe ("Grozny-20", a military unit GUMO 12): "If we consider that on the basis of — four sections, the number of atomic bombs could reach 600 units."

To judge the validity of similar evidence is difficult. But, remembering all the "miracles" that got up "exhausted narzanom" "Tsar Boris", hardly anyone really be amazed if these statements are true. In general, the indirect proof of his testimony is available.

After the Dudayev and his Russian "colleagues" poreshali all issues with the weapons of his army Ichkeria favorite in the same 1992 went to the bride in the U.S., where he personally met with President Bush senior. Apparently, the conversation went a constructive and fruitful, because Dudayev returned home invigorated and made a speech, clearly stating that in case of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation, "we will go to the last measure — until the last Chechen jihad, and in the hour of danger SPAL Russia in nuclear fire. " What is meant Dudayev is unclear. Or the same two atomic bombs, mentioned by Colonel Zainulin, or something else. But, in any case, he was willing to go to great lengths just to mess brewed abruptly.

This is confirmed by the fact that shortly before the start of the first Chechen war in a meeting 2-former colleagues and now opponents — Grachev and Dudayev — December 6, 1994 Grachev, tried to solve the problem the world, offering Dudayev abandon military action. To which the latter replied: "I do not belong to themselves. If I accept this decision, I will not, but there will be others. "

What happened next, perfectly understandable. Prior to the introduction of nuclear weapons case, fortunately, did not come, but the first Chechen war forever inflicted terrible RF, open wound. In general, we talk about it until the end of the advance. Despite the fact that at this point in Chechnya are not conducted large-scale military actions, the war lasts, and the rare week or month pass without reports of local counter-terrorism operations. At the same time, according to their geography, war has spread throughout the Caucasus, which, in fact, sought by those who stood behind Dudayev. Although if one of them?

When Yeltsin in 1992, due to some very paranormal circumstances, decided to arm against Dudayev RF, What can explain this? It is clear that, even with a very exhausting "narzanom" policy so do not take the highest level of such self-destructive, idiotic decision. Especially since the decision is not perceived Yeltsin one. But all those involved in this decision, councilors did not stop him, though well aware that, by arming Dudayev, Yeltsin launched a clockwork explosion of the Caucasus, and with it — and Russia. Yeltsin as Dudayev also talked to "colleague" Bush, with many times. Not from one office to "coordinate" 2-act "independent" presidents? If it is not, then there is only admit that Yeltsin and his entourage did not understand what they were doing, and then his nose is not beheld. But it's hard to believe. Probably the documents that could shed light on the mechanism of unleashing carnage Caucasian, expect your own hours. And his own investigator.

But, like it was, all those who are not suspended Yeltsin became his accomplices, and the "authors" of one of the most terrible and it looks like long wars in the history of Russia. Specifically, the blood is on their 10-s of thousands of victims of this war, including and future. Specifically, they should be responsible for razed to the ground Stern, which became a mass grave for thousands of Russian people, for Budennovsk DubrovkA, Beslan, blown up buildings in Moscow and other atrocities that are likely to occur only due to their efforts and diligence. Although almost all the sins they are not directly involved, yet they are specifically to blame for the fact that launched the mechanism of the Caucasian War. The war, which was threatened, threatened and will not clear how many more years as to threaten the integrity of the Russian Federation, and its very existence, resembling a smoldering wick powder keg.

First Chechen war lasted from December 1994 to August 1996. and ended with the signing of the Khasavyurt agreements. According to official data, the transient loss of federal forces were more than 5,000 people. According to estimates-independent professionals, these are underestimated in a couple of times. The loss of civilians, according to data from various sources, ranged from approximately 14,000 to 120,000 people.

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