Blood in Afghanistan

The main top news of the week came in action Afghanistan. During the last day of the massive, bloody battles shuddered inhabitants of Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul. Afghanistan's population to such an extent literate, that to them only at the moment came ten-news when south american Protestant pastor publicly burned the holy book the Koran.

Over Kandahar dark column of smoke rising. The town clearly hear the shots. High in the sky flying military helicopter. It's all a continuation of yesterday's riots that broke out in the north of the country. The main purpose of holding a meeting at — capturing the Consulate of the UN. Compared with the previous day, now the police in Mazar-e-Sharif is ready. The streets of the town, waiting for the funeral of 9-dead, are empty. The authorities all blame movement "Taliban", but it is only around the guilty?

Morning. The terrorists opened mortar fire on the NATO military base in Kabul. Here, too, they say, an obvious trail traced the Taliban. But this is only the continuation of the yesterday's riots.

Immediately after the Friday prayers on the north of the country, in the town of Mazar-i-Sharif, about two thousand people from the mosque headed straight to the consulate building of the UN. Then came the crowd of "Death to the United States, 'and in the air whistling bullets. People began spalivat South American flags.

According to the 1st of the protesters, he, like many others who came out to the street, stay in the country against foreign, especially American, soldier. And said unto them, that they were removed from Afghanistan.

Soon a group of extremists broke away from the demonstrators and shooting the guard, broke into a job where there were representatives of the UN, and immediately opened fire. According to the latest seven UN personnel — foreigners have been victims of violence. According to some reports, the two of them were beheaded. In the middle is affected and staff which consisted of local residents. Mass riot is still very long.

UN workers killed in the middle there are citizens of Romania, Norway, and Sweden. Also there are dead and among the people of Nepal, which in that day guarding the building. Among the wounded lie and Pavel Ershov, Russian diplomat which headed goal.

In our own critical meeting of the UN Security Council members condemned the acts of extremists attacked. United States is also not left unattended actions Afghanistan. According to the press-secretary of the white houses, the brave representatives of the UN, men and ladies, including the Afghans themselves, doing everything possible to make a strong and strong country. He also urged the company to resolve all issues through peaceful means, the method of dialogue and renounce violence. But the impetus of these events was the event, which was published in the United States, March 20 when a Florida pastor — Protestant burned the holy book for Muslims the Koran.

According to the Kabul police, they managed to hold the organizer of all these outrages, and he will be punished by law.

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