Blood redistribution Caucasus

Russian pushed out of Adygea, to make a "Greater Circassia"

Reports of disadvantaged Russian republics in government are nothing new. But republic Adygea stands out even in this sad background. The situation is paradoxical: the so-called titular civilization is here only 25 percent of the population. And in 1995, the year at the time of the adoption of the constitution of the republic, which made all the "non-title" occupants almost second-class citizens, this percentage was even lower. Still, the Russian and the Russian majority in 22 years of the Republic, not only failed to defend their rights, and even apparently resigned to the fact that virtually all positions of leadership and "warm place" in the country occupied by the Circassians.

Seven or eight years back during a trip to Adygea I was surprised that on the evening of Maikop streets is almost unheard of Russian speech. And even more amazing to me vomit while talking on a completely different subject revelation Russian ecologist, "Yes, we both hands, because that bombard Chechnya». It is logical that the number of Russian in the country slowly but inexorably reduced. In the near future, moreover, are increasingly being discussed topic of the return of the so-called Syrian Circassians in the republic. According to various reports of their lives there from 60 to 160 thousand. Even if we take for granted most moderate figure, the occurrence of 60 thousand new "title" immigrants will dramatically change the ethnic balance in the country. It recalls the story of Chechnya, in which a 60-ies of the last century, inexorably reduced size of the Russian population. While the first 90 are not known to all the action took place. He expects the Russian population of Adygea, and along the North Caucasus?

— To understand the situation in the Russian republic, pretty look, who manages it, — says the chairman of the Union of Slavs of Adygea Nina Konovalov. — We have a head of state — Circassian, the Prime Minister — Circassian, and the last six months to decide whether, that is also the chairman of the State Council to the Circassians. I'm not talking about the fact that the local branch of "United Russia" is headed back as the titular ethnic group.

And this situation we have with the proclamation of the republic. Russian claims can not hear. When taken discriminatory Constitution of the Republic, we take people to the streets. We have collected 20 thousand signatures to Putin in his last term in office, that was subjected to review the question of unification of Adygea and the Krasnodar territory, just as the discrimination of the Russian population. And then to have no one drew attention. How else to protest? With the gun in your hand? We're not going to do that. Federal Center closes his eyes, one simple reason — there is as yet no shooting.

The ratio of Russian and non-Russian population changes. Even 20 years ago it was 78 percent Russian. At the moment, according to the national Institute for Human Adygeysky research, 52 percent of all Russian. However, this figure gives me some doubts. I think that in fact Russian little more — about 60 percent. And it is very significant decline in the numbers. With all this leaves a more active part of the Russian population. Find yourself here, get a good job is simply unrealistic. Besides there is a direct infringement of the rights of Russian. I once asked of his son, which, unfortunately, also left Adygea, seeing no prospects — and you will not be able to fight back, because the evening is unrealistic to go into the center of town. He said to me: we can fight back, but only when take us to the police, they let go, and we go to jail. And so it goes.

"SP": — Is there a way out of this situation?

— Russian association of the population below on this day almost impossible. At least some Russian association on a national basis is considered by municipal authorities as a manifestation of extremism. Because you need to solve the problem of the top — completely change national policy in Russia. But judging by the strategy which not long ago suggested the Presidential Council on International Relations — nothing will change. Authority sees the solution in the other — in a constant increase in the number of migrants. A Russian population North Caucasus continues, in fact, remain in captivity.

"SP": — How can the emergence of the modern hot point in Adygea?

— Need to pay tribute to the activity of some Circassians — they are actually their national government of the republic are pushing to ensure that migrant workers receive here from Syria. They want to change the composition of the population. Reserve land under this deal. On the other hand, in the middle of the Circassians adekvatnomyslyaschih a lot of people who understand that without the money from the federal government recharge Adygea simply will not be able to exist. By volume of donations received per capita republic in second place in Russia. Because as long as they say resoundingly not to secede from Russia. More discussions to merge the 3-Caucasian republics into one. This Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and Adygea. In their part of the population — the Circassians (also known as Circassians). On the basis of these republics are willing to do a "Greater Circassia." The question is actually still hard feasible. Circassians are not so quite a few, and they are scattered over a vast territory. But this theme as a club, constantly waving in the local media, on the web, apparently trying harder to intimidate the Russian population. Constantly rising and the question of genocide of Circassians in the Caucasus War. Local scientists in 3 "Circassian" republics are trying to bring it under the scientific basis by faking everything that can be. But it Circassian youth still will not go into scientific research, to find where the truth and heresy. For their conclusions scientists — another reason to blame all failures of the Russian population. I have 15 years ago, students Circassians yelled that we have, Russian, we will kill for what you have killed during the Caucasian War.

On the situation in Kabardino-Balkaria, which can also decide to make a part of "Greater Circassia ', the writer knows, internationality of the Eurasian movement activist Natalya Makeev.

— The problem in the Russian republic in the fact that they are separate. I personally investigated the situation when the Alexander came to the village of Kabardians adjacent populated Fri and beat three Russian guys. The district, a Kabardian nationality, refuses to open a criminal case. People everywhere are trying to reach the truth, but they just otfutbolivat. Through third parties affected phone came to me. I post the news on the Web. What do the local authorities? They bring in riot police to the village and begin to find the correspondent SKFO NEWS. This is the solution to problems. Cases involving Russian oppression, in every way try to hush up. All of the "stitched" clan ties. Ethnic groups so live, that's fine for them, but the Russian people in this situation helplessly. In this case, violations of the law falling within the media — the tip of the iceberg.

"SP": — Russian trying to do something, to merge in order to defend their rights?

— Try. In the main Cossacks. But even among themselves, they often can not find a common language. The Cossacks of the state republics have repeatedly read as me, that so called registered Cossacks made in addition to the volunteers, to split the Cossack movement. In addition, the Cossacks — rather closed social group, for their great importance is Orthodoxy. When they begin to hold a
meeting, they do not always far to find a common language with the rest of the "secular" Russian population. All you try to do very convulsively, sporadically. Clear-cut favorite in Russian no. There are heads of public organizations. They are favorites in their own environment, but not in the middle of the entire Russian population.

"SP": — In Kabardino-Balkaria is also the outflow of the Russian population?

— Yes, someone is leaving, and someone just put up, trying to sit quietly. However, the impact and financial situation. But local go even smaller than the Russian in all of this. And all the programs from the return of the Russian population in the North Caucasus have failed. I can say it reverently. What makes Kadyrov, for example — just fun. Russian essentially give an apartment in Chechnya. But for all that has managed to attract almost unity professionals.

Naturally the question arises: what are the forces behind the project "The Great Cherkessia"?

— In Adygea, despite the fact that Russia so far has the bulk of titular ethnic group is committed to the full control of all political and social functions of the federal subject. Contrary to all common sense — says the director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise Valery Korovin. — In this connection it is necessary to take into account the presence of the project Lofty Cherkessia. He is a product of American policy in the North Caucasus. Meaning — in the development of state of the country Circassians. The project is associated with a full perefiguratsiey borders the North Caucasus. By the Circassians can be attributed Kabardians and Circassians. They currently live in the local enclaves. Most have no common borders together. "Great Cherkessia" suggests redrawing borders in the North Caucasus, and as a consequence — a huge blood. Bringing the region into a state of chaos is part of the U.S. strategy of so-called "Eurasian Balkans". This is a geopolitical term invented by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Because the act Circassian ethnic group inside of Adygea under the influence of some public institutions and non-profit organizations focused on reducing the impact of the largest Russian population. The gradual replacement of Russian in this area need to lead to a mono-ethnic composition of Adygea. To vsepolnotsenno raise the issue of the sovereignty of Adygea, which is a necessary condition for the formation of the upcoming Circassian state of the country, it is necessary to achieve ethnic homogeneity in the country. In the current state of Adygea will not be able to stand out from the Russian Federation. Russian and other non-titular ethnic groups oppose it.

To solve this "problem," Russian are complex social and political environment. Representatives of non-titular nations can not actually participate in the political life of the country. The local mass media is constantly transmitted obvious distaste for non-title civilizations. In particular, in the present case do well panadygskie non-governmental organizations associated with the West. And as a result, the continuous outflow of the Russian population.

"SP": — Does the federal government have an idea of the scale of the problem? If yes, then why are so over a long time Moscow obviously does not interfere?

— In my opinion, Moscow does not interfere with this dilemma because they do not know how to solve it, from what positions. In the control of the Russian Federation has no idea how, in principle, to solve such situation. Usually federal government is trying to do something only when there is an acute crisis. But the overall situation as in Adygea and the other republics such momentary reaction is actually not affected.

Our political elite, in principle, little understanding of the country in which they live. And the theme of ethno-social and ethno-political unit such multi-ethnic country like our homeland, for their — something exotic and misty. It is necessary to fill that gap through verbovaniya professionals of the highest level. First ethnosociologists. But even among professionals in this subject there is no unity of views.

There ethnosociological school scientist, Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Tishkov, which, in my opinion, Straseni. It is focused on the mixing of the population of the Russian Federation and the creation of a "melting pot" of peoples and nations on the U.S. model. Such a theory is not a good and fair response from the small Russian ethnic groups, religious groups who do not wish to categorically renounce their identity. It also causes rejection and many representatives of the Russian majority. In contrast to this school, there is a school, led by the Centre's Governing limited research Sociology Faculty of Moscow State University Alexander Dugin. Its representatives, on the one hand, insist on raising the public and the legal status of small nations RF. On the other hand — on that at the state republics were seized nominal attributes of sovereignty. Such as administrative boundaries, coats of arms, parliaments, and so on. The second option is mainly in the interest of the peoples of the Russian Federation than grinding some people in the "civil biomass."

The solution proposed by the supporters of Dugin, leading to a systemic elimination of the prerequisites to the disintegration of the Russian Federation and make feasible the emergence of new centers of ethno-nationalism, which are destructive of their own essence.

"SP": — the example of Adygea in particular the burning question: why Russia give yourself hurt in the national republics? Even where they make up a large part of it.

— Since Russian — big people. And people strategy. A Circassians — ethnicity. The smaller the nation, the more so she rallied. Russian republics in the state — the representatives of the strategic nation, universal carriers of Russian identity. They are disciplined and law-abiding in the main, focused on large projects represent their government is a huge place, continental empire. And when such Russian borders are in local ethnic enclaves, they lose their identity, lose their orientation in space. For the Russian government — is something limitless. Administrative boundaries in the presence of the title to the same ethnic group who asks for political dominance in "their" country — all Russian disarms. In other words, the existence of public republics disastrous for Russian as a people and to the integrity of Russia. Need to move away from the concept of state republics, especially inside the continental empire, which is our homeland.

"SP": — How quickly while maintaining the current situation in Adygea we get there the second Chechnya? Why can not solve this dilemma, while the Russian are the best part?

— If you leave everything as it is, we are there we get universal chaos, war and blood redistribution, if still a little closer to the realization of the project Lofty Cherkessia. Timing depends on how strong and legitimate will the federal government. How it will lose legitimacy in the eyes of the people, the processes of disintegration of the Russian Federation will exponentially.

In the meantime, the authorities simply afraid to take on the problem of Adygea, as in other republics.

"SP": — There is much talk about what Russian people — bonding and uniting for Russia. But we have a situation that is already years old 15-20 years in Russian 2-republics of the North Caucasus is not perfect. But for all that, they remain in the Russian Federation. Maybe the role of the "Russian factor" exaggerated?

— Russian — men, which leads to an abundance of ethnic unity of the strategic system. The smaller the Russian Caucasus, the greater the chance of loss for Russia. Those of the country where there is virtually no Russian — Chech
nya, Ingushetia and Dagestan, to a large extent — closer to secede from Russia. They just kept on a rigid vertical relations Putin and control of these republics.

The substitution of the 1st part of this vertical dramatically change the situation. For example, in the Kremlin, God forbid, zasyadet liberal politician, Chechnya and Ingushetia lead the people towards an Islamic Sharia or Islamic-Turkic model. In total, as of the unity of the Russian Federation on the totality remains fairly random reasons. Everything hangs on the nozzle. One careless move — and the Caucasus will be lost. And a couple of idiotic liberal movements — all of our motherland.

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