Blood test readiness

Only one suicide bomber was able to break through the defense infantry brigade

On the night of September 5, on the ground of military tent city of the 136th Motorized Brigade of the Ministry of Defense, stationed in Dagestan Buynaksk, terrorestichesky act was committed. VAZ 14th model loaded with explosives broke through to the gearbox of a military unit and blown up. Three soldiers were killed and more than 30 were injured and burns, seven of whom, according to the doctors, are in a very languid state.

Apparently, the car with the terrorist methods by district, bypassing checkpoint, on the road, which is probably not properly guarded tribute to seamlessly drove to the military training area of the "Far", where the town is located in a tent for exercises motorized infantry battalion of the 136th Brigade .

Head of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging Colonel Alexei Kuznetsov said that the outposts of the field camp after warning shots opened fire on a car to defeat a terrorist. As a result, VAZ became uncontrollable and crashed into a car communication GAZ-66, which was blocked by a check on the camp ground.

"Undermining occurred on the outskirts of the location, and that have been prevented by a massive sacrifice, because the terrorists could not enter into the center, where the main personnel," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.

According to professionals, the power of explosives, which was stuffed with car bomber was from 30 to 50 kg of TNT. As a result, the explosion absolutely destroyed car GAZ-66, fired four tents in which soldiers were sleeping, the majority of victims shrapnel wounds and burns are different.

Arrived in Dagestan team of investigators and a special commission headed by Defense Commander of the North Caucasian Military Area, Major General Alexander Galkin, trying to recreate the picture of the disaster and find the premise of the sad fact that only one terrorist was able to break through the defense arrived on the teachings of the military unit. As reported by news agencies, according to a group, "a prerequisite for attack were shortcomings in the protection and defense of military training, the lack of control over the tribute guard duty personnel of the infantry battalion, who was at the field output."

Over the past 10 years is the first case of a terrorist attack on a combat military unit. There have been attacks on izpodtishka marching columns, August 1, 2003 bomber Mozdoksky military hospital, blew the FSB, but such rudeness when storm which is in full combat readiness of military units, showing for the first time. It seems that this marks a new step of the terrorist war in Russia. In this regard, looks very inadequate response supreme commander and minister of defense of this outrageous incident. As we learned from the reports the government media, Anatoly Serdyukov informed the President of the Russian Federation on the situation in Buynaksk, also reported to the head of the country on the measures taken to enhance the protection of military facilities and areas of the exercise.

Dmitry Medvedev, in turn, gave the order to assist the families of the victims, and all the necessary medical assistance to the victims. What do you say, an adequate response to the extreme terrorists insolent!

Head of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging Colonel Alexei Kuznetsov said that in connection with the attack in Buynaksk and units of the North Caucasian Military Area translated into enhanced version of service, "as directed by the Secretary of Defense, surrounded by delivering a package of additional measures to prevent terrorist Activity: reinforced structure and mode of service daily outfits and guards at the headquarters of the military formed a neighborhood group on duty with the role of representatives of the State Counterterrorism Committee, the FSB and the Interior Ministry. "

We have heard a similar 10's again, it's all fairly routine, and even a formal response to emergencies. It has long been required decisive political action to protect his army on the territory of Russia from internal and external enemies.

The same 136 Brigade in the past two months already the third time mentioned in the criminal reports. Let me remind you: in the evening on July 23, two unknown leaked on its terrain. Threatening with a knife, the attackers seized with 2 mobile phones belonging to the two soldiers, who were carrying the service at the checkpoint. Once one of the fighter rushed for help, the attackers struck the remaining soldier stabbed and fled. The victim was taken to the garrison military Buynaksk hospital, where he died later.

Earlier in Buynaksk unknown shot from a passing car 3 lieutenant colonels: Chief of the missile and artillery of the 136th Motorised Brigade, Chief of Staff of the Armament Department of the South (formerly the North-Caucasian Military Area) direction, as a senior officer of the department, who arrived in that military unit on a business trip.

Most recently reported about the capture and brutal murder of an officer in the region, the border guard (he was beheaded) and ensign.

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on. Such a hunt for war in Russia was not yet! And the commander in chief is limited to "help the families of the victims," and praises for the reform of Defense, who in each case of terror against their own subordinates more and more than increase the security guards and military facilities.

As conveyed in the second half of the day or "Interfax", Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov arrived in Dagestan, so to find a place measures that are required to assist the victims as a result of the terrorist attack in a field camp of the 136th brigade of the Ministry of Defense and for the protection of areas of the camp.

From the Files

136th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Uman-Berlin Red Banner Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky team
formed by December 1, 1993 in the Republic of Dagestan Buynaksk, is included in structure 42 th Army Corps.

In January 1997, the management of the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade and the 204 th infantry regiment reformed in 136-th Guards separate Uman-Berlin Red Banner Motor Rifle Brigade with the transfer of the fighting flag, historical form and awards belonging to 204 th Regiment.

204th Motor Rifle Regiment conducted its history from the 33th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, formed in December 1942 in the Kaluga region. It consisted of three mechanized infantry battalion and one mortar, artillery and anti-aircraft battalions and other units.

At the end of December 1942 the brigade was included in the 3rd Armored Corps (since 20 November 1944 9th Guards Tank Corps), which included combat actions led to the end of the war.

March 19, 1944 for distinguished service during the liberation of the town of Uman (10 March 1944) the brigade was given the name of Uman.

April 8, 1944 for exemplary performance of command assignments during the crossing of the river Dniester, the release of the assistance to other compounds town of Balti (26 March 1944), and the output on the Soviet-Romanian border municipal team was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

In the Lublin-Brest operation in 1944 Brigade distinguished itself in battles around the town of Deblin. August 9, 1944 for good performance command assignments and displaying all the valor and courage of the brigade was awarded the Order of Kutuzov 2nd degree.

December 1, 1944 for showing courage in fighting for their country against the German invaders, for firmness, courage, discipline and organization, with the heroism of
the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade was reorganized in the 33rd Guards Motor Rifle Brigade.

In particular, the team successfully operated during the Warsaw-Poznan and East Pomeranian operations in 1945.

April 20, 1945 for exemplary performance of command assignments in the operations and displaying all the valor and courage of the brigade was awarded the Order of Suvorov 2nd degree and Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2 nd degree.

Once again, the team distinguished itself in the storming of the town of Berlin.

June 11, 1945 the brigade was awarded the illustrious names of Berlin.

For feats of arms in the war about 3 thousand soldiers Brigade were awarded orders and medals, and 5 of them were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union: AM Golovchenko, I. M. Nikitin, IL Romachkin; P. Sihno , PZ Shamardin.

In July 1945, the brigade was reformed into the Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment.

Formations and units of today's 136th Brigade stationed in 4 cities in the military areas of the Republic of Dagestan (in Buynaksk).

The brigade took part in the fighting in Chechnya from 1995 to 1996.

June 7, 1995 in 136 separate motorized rifle brigade on the orders of the Commander of the army of 47084 on the basis of 696 individual infantry battalion formed consolidated separate motorized infantry battalion and is oriented in the Czech Republic to the pass Harami to disarm the individual bands. Combat task was made on August 8, 1995. Composite battalion commander, Major Yuri A. Ibragimov

August 8th Battalion went to the place of constant dislocation in its entirety. From 01/09/96 until 01/19/96, based on orders of Chief of Staff of the North Caucasus Military District to block the city of Kizlyar and settlement May Day in connection with an act of gang territoristicheskim S. Raduev for disarmament of illegal armed groups and supporting MVD RF ubyla task force under the command of 136 sep mot bde zkbr p / n-ka Dianova VV January 19, 1996 the task force came to the place of constant dislocation. As part omsb 696, 146 oadn, 156 ozradn, company communications, field engineer company and platoon NBC.

February 6, 1996 on August 30, 1996 a group of 136 troop maneuvering sep mot bde in the 696 omsb under the command of Major Karaicheva omsb 698 V. transferred to the Joint Group of Forces in Chechnya and took up combat tasks on disarmament of illegal armed groups on the territory of Chechnya.

August 30, 1996 HMH 136 sep mot bde after battle puzzles returned to the place of constant dislocation under the command of Captain Gamidova MD

Killed in combat missions in the Czech Republic 82 soldiers: 9 — officers, 15 sergeants, 61 fighter.

204th omsp 205th sep mot bde at the end of 1996 was derived from the town of fooling around in the city of the Chechen Republic of Dagestan Buynaksk.

Until January 20, 1997 Management 204-th Guards separate motorized rifle Uman-Berlin Red Banner Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky regiment under the directive North Caucasus Military District Commander, number 14/05 dated January 5, 1997, and in the implementation of the directive of Defense of the Russian Federation № 314/2/0660 on December 4, 1996 was transformed into a 136-th Motorized Rifle Brigade transferred to it from the fighting flag, notable names and orders.

August 10, 1999 reinforced omsb 696 136 sep mot bde came to perform special tasks for the release of Botlikh district of gangs and August 11, 1999 started the implementation of the fighting. The main way of doing battle just 136 sep mot bde — Tando liberated villages, Rahat Ansalta and mastering pass Harami, the closure of roads in the administrative Chechen — Dagestan border. In the course of hostilities since 10.08.99 till 23.08.99, the staff of 136 sep mot bde showed courage and bravery. In combat missions killed 36 soldiers: 5 — officers, sergeants, 8, 23 fighter.

For his role in the anti-terrorist operation in 1999, more than 1,400 military brigades were awarded orders and medals. 5 officers were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation — Major General Oleg Kryukov, Captain Sergei Voronin, posthumously — Captain Alexei Zhuravlev, Lieutenant Vitaly Marienko and Lieutenant Roman Sidorov.

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