Bloody flashes over the Arab world

A number of countries in the Arab world shrouded in considerable excitement. People take to the streets with the economic — asks lower food prices, inflation freeze, lowering taxes, wage increment and political — in the government's resignation, the tribunal on individual bureaucrats involved in corruptive ties.
Among the manifestations is not limited — there are fights, set fire to cars, fights with police, looting. Bloodshed, often people are not involved. Began to flee tourists — were taken from Tunisia, started evacuation from Egypt.


In Tunisia, there was a first revolution, it has been dubbed the "Jasmine". The last decades of Tunisia was one of the measured pace of the Arab world, the developed economies, the famous resorts, quite the highest educational level of the population. Radical Islamists were not complaining, neither the government nor the population. Actions developed very rapidly: 17 December 26 year-old young man burned himself, that was the reason — because of the web of this figured out the whole country, people took to the streets. Already the 14th President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the manager of the State '23 fled. The police actually acted, apparently fed up with all this president.
But the situation in Tunisia is still measured can not be called. The economic loss from the revolution already St. 1600000000. Euro and apparently this is not the limit.


January 25 demonstrations began with economic demands and demanding the resignation of the political longevity of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled Egypt for 30 years. Here, the authorities responded harshly, yet controlled — police disperse protesters arrested 100 people either.
What is interesting here and played a major role the Internet network — Twitter and Facebook. The revolution has been dubbed — "Twitter."
If Mubarak will not be able to keep control, even with the help of "guns", it will be a horror. Country of 80 million stuffed with radical Islamists of all stripes and instrument. Egypt is in control of the Suez Canal, a very important for the West. Egypt — a U.S. ally in the fight against 'terror' and the framework of peace talks with Israel.


January 24 protests started opponents Shiite organization "Hezbollah", which can enter into the government of the country, protesting Sunnis in the province.


23rd January is a favorite of the presidential election, he became Ali Abdullah Saleh, who runs the state since 1990. 26th self-immolation attempt 25-year-old taxi driver, the 27th in the capital, began a protest, demanding the resignation of the president.
Yemen — a "powder keg" of the Arab world. Unemployed for more than 35% of the population, a terrible water shortage, in fact the lack of infrastructure, a strong underworld — trade weapon, drugs, piracy, mountain guns, armed with almost everything.
If the "boil" will reveal, the neighbors will not be very funny — especially rich Saudi Arabia.

The reason?

In each country, a pile of unresolved social and economic problems. But they were before, and 10 years ago, and 20-t and 30-t. Why at this time?
In the stories about "the wrath of the people," they said cheerfully on TV, people will believe that in my life except for a couple of comics did not read it. Revolutions are always someone creates, and people always use for their own purposes.


States for which the revolution in Egypt, have them with him all the "top class", Egypt has long been under the tight control of the States. Suez — a very principled line to the U.S., its controlled France to the UK.
Social explosion in Yemen, too, the U.S. is not needed, this is a huge problem for their ally, the head of the Arabian Peninsula — Saudi Arabia. U.S. needs stability in the region — that the flow of resources were unchanged.
They profitable buildup situation in other regions — the Korean Peninsula, Pakistan, Caucasus. This will create prepyadstviya U.S. rivals — Russia, China, India, Iran.

Fabulous Islamic terrorists

"Al-Qaeda" to blame? But all sensible people already know that all the "Islamic" terrorist underground, created the U.S. secret services and the UK, in close co-Saud and Pakistan. The goal was — a war with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, then in the Balkans, the Caucasus, they are one hundred percent under control.
Small self-contained radical Islamist groups do not count, they do not have any money or other resources for such large-scale action. The maximum in that they are able to undermine what-nibudt (market, shops …).

Who mongers?

25th January 2011, U.S. President Obama announced the beginning of "perestroika" in the United States. I think a lot of Russian people, with all that word experience unpleasant sensations, and residents of the U.S. only to be prochuyat all the "charm" Perestroika.
United States on the eve of global changes, the output of this will be another country, or may not be. Apparently part of the inter-ethnic clans decided that the U.S. needs to "drop" the full program there. Therefore need a big mess on the United States-controlled areas to divert resources that could even be engaged in military operations.
You can look at who the owners of social networks, so that eased the ability of "people's anger" and loaf why they are made — if only to veselitelnymi goals?
And Russian should seriously contemplate that we have such a "mess" can be brewed, rossiyanskih "elite" we have a lot who does not like to put it mildly. In North Africa and the Arabian peninsula, warm, and we have a revolution in almost arctic criteria when in fact the absence of the peasantry, with its last breathable infrastructure — it's End 2-thirds of the population. Only a third of may be able to switch to a subsistence economy. With the occupation of much of the countryside China, Japan, Finland, Turkey and t. Etc.
Think of Kyrgyzstan, destroyed 80% of Osh, we need this? Destroy his country's satisfaction with alien scum, you need to find a way of changing the "elite" without the Revolution.

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