Bloody opposition continues the attacks and killings

I really hurt to write "In Jaramani again there was a terrorist attack" — so far as not already in the first and in the second time we have to report this. Especially since the explosion occurred on November 28 — perhaps the most terrible of all, which until now rattled in Syria. Previously listed as the worst terrorist attack in Damascus on May 10, in which killed more than 60 man. At this time, the death toll reaches already 70. At first, it was reported on 44 broken lives, but then it turned out that the more of them, while many of the people remained virtually nothing, and they could not even identify and calculate the precise number of deaths.

Jaramana — a suburb of Damascus, which has never been shrouded in a mess, in what has never been any pseudo-revolutionary sentiment. On the contrary — the inhabitants of this small town in the middle of which there are many Christians, one of the first organized the People's Committees of self-defense, to prevent its terrain so called "rebels". People clearly gave them to realize that they do not want to create any of their own homes or in their own areas. Because Jaramana has become one of the greatest obstacles in the plans of terrorists surround Damascus.

For this "rebels" ferocious revenge town and its residents. Revenge vile and Zapyataev terrorist measures aimed specifically at the common folk. Because already in which time have to report to the bitter news of the next terrorist attack directed specifically against the people.

Attack occurred at 7:00 am — at a time when many people were going to work. In the middle of the dead and the wounded — a huge number of workers who were at the square and minibuses waiting to get to their own companies. According to "Al-Kaidovskoy" strategy came two explosions. At first, a car bomb blew up in a side street near the central square. When there came the rescuers, doctors, volunteer assistants — exploded another car already on the square itself.

Witnesses told the terrible atrocities that even the well-worn doctor clinic, an office that does not hurt, though, and was not far from the site of the explosion was afraid, and said, that such was the smell of blood, which he had never in my life did not have to feel it. A mother who lost son, sobbed and wailed, "I rescued you from Idleb, and here way saved." This is a refugee whose family has gone through a lot more in Idleb, where the terrorists acted brazenly and violently … The scion of one of the first guys out of the house, so, as usual, sporting a morning jog. When there was a double attack, this guy ran to find offspring, stumbled on the corpse of a neighbor, called his tenants, that someone took off the veil — hide the deceased. Then he, not finding dead bodies in the middle of the offspring, temporarily calmed down and was already in the belief that he survived. But fate was not realized this hope — the evening of the same day or showed him a piece of odezhki on which father and son recognized. That was all that was left of him …

One family town Jaramana own first son lost in the summer, when he stood on the protection of the town as part of the People's Self-Defense squad. Then they attacked a group of terrorists and killed six people. Now, the same family has lost, and the second son, who died as a result of double suicide. In the middle of the dead and injured many of those who received shrapnel wounds have scattered cars and various metal objects, which leads one to believe that the explosives contained inside submunitions, that the victims were even more. At the same time, a car exploded in the square did not leave even a funnel where he stood, and was not destroyed what was in a particular vicinity. The blast wave has gone on, so that fell on the people, to the house in the alley, killing even the inhabitants of the upper floors. And if you act real masters of blasting, using far not the most mundane explosives … Where it took the pseudo-revolutionaries, from where they are experienced instructors? Not a rhetorical question, given the recognition of France, Turkey and other countries that do not want to hide their own means of "opposition".
The enemies do not want information about the terrible terrorist attack in Jaramani sold worldwide before the meeting of the UN General Assembly. Maybe that's why one day in Syria was left without a connection to the outer world. The country is cut off from the web, and it lasted for 3 day or. Also, do not work long distance phone calls. Minister disk imaging SAR read that terrorists sabotage that led to damage the cables. But it may well be that external forces had a hand in such technology that's blockade of Syria.

And the UN General Assembly once again sounded the anti-Syrian speech. In the report, Ban Ki-moon was not the 1st word either about one of the barbaric acts of terrorism (even about the terrorist attack in Jaramani, which it is up to the meeting, such as condemned), but had a huge number of charges in the address management of the Syrian army and the country. As if indeed Syria is not fighting the terrorists who kill innocent people, not with offenders who spoil everything that will touch their hands, not with the mercenaries that are totally and completely obeyed their own zabugornyh owners — and with the innocent "lambs" that so decided to play with matches.

But Syrian Foreign Ministry sent to UN Secretary General and the Security Council members the message of the consequences brought this terrible act of terrorism in Jaramani. The same was read and unchanging Syrian representative to the UN Bashar al-Jafari — incorruptible diplomat who offered fabulous sums for siding with the "opposition", and when he refused, then a building in New York, in which he resides, incited hard minded thugs, vandalized and threatened to destroy it. But al-Jaafari remained faithful Syria. And at this meeting, as usual, sharply and fiercely condemned those who, aids atrocities against the Syrian people, who are armed and financed by the militants and for all that krivodushno declares itself "a martyr for the fate of the Syrians."
Syria has been achieved in principle diplomatic victory at the General Assembly, whose members voted in favor of a resolution demanding that Israel return the Golan occupied. For this decision voted 110 countries — against 6 countries.

This area has been cut off from Syria Israeli aggressors in 1967. Part of the occupied lands Syrians returned during the October War of Liberation, but a significant part of the Golan under occupation and Israel relentlessly drawn from Syrians living there in violation of all international conventions. Al-Jafari in his own speech, gave an example where a two-year child was under house arrest, just as his ancestors were trained in Syria, and there he was born, and then the family returned to the Golan. But the fierce action of Israel against the people of occupied land — is his refusal to grant international organizations to map minefields. Because of this, about 1,000 Syrians have stepped on mines, most of them — kids who just played, not knowing that this game could be the last. After it passed, and our country In the postwar years, when the kids are also undermined by the Nazi mines.

However, the resolution resolution, but we should expect that Israel will ignore her again as hundreds of papers have ignored the UN Security Council and the General Assembly. But for some reason against it never imposed sanctions, unlike many other states, where the smallest suspicion of failure to perform any resolution, not even proven,
drags not only economic sanctions, and military intervention. And Hillary Clinton, who has vereschit on what Tipo Syrian government is killing people, not one word has condemned Israel for the deaths of people in the Gaza Strip, on the contrary, spoke in support of it (remember that at the same session of the General Assembly, with resistance to the United States, it was decided to give Palestine observer status at the UN, which gladly welcomed Syria).

And in the Syrian armed forces conducted a series of successful security operations in the suburbs of Damascus Dareye, Hudzheyre, the Duma, Haraszti. Eliminated by armed groups seized a huge amount of weapons. In the village near Damascus Mleha militants organized a workshop for the production of explosives, but it was defeated fighters that fact should be considered, saved a lot of human lives …

But in those days, when there was no network in the criteria for Internet blockade anti-Syrian media began to spread terrible rumors. As if Damascus attack 40 thousand "rebels" is not working the airport, and even smart enough to put again the rumors of the death of President Bashar al-Assad or his flight to Russia (for the single version is not agreed among themselves!)

On the highway leading to the airport of Damascus, a small incident really occurred — the militants tried to block the road, but the army rather quickly restored order. The airport itself was working in normal mode.

In general, one can not exclude the fact that Damascus was preparing against any provocation is very large, with plenty of disinformation, at times surpassing all that has been hitherto. After all, if you remember the story of the capture of Tripoli — it all began with a massive heresy — the capture of the town, "insurgents" states before it really happened, but it did not take the "revolutionaries" in sneakers, and special forces from NATO ..

But Syria thwarted plans of the aggressors, and the network is able to do. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, even into his head cynically incriminate the Syrian authorities to turn off the web and "clip free speech." But this lady did not consider 2-important points. In 1-x, the fact that the "father of the Syrian Internet" is just the same cursed her Bashar al-Assad, whose broad access to the people in this good of civilization in Syria was not, and that has always recognized the right of people to read everything they hunt, and get all the information. In-2, what exactly Syria, in the criteria of the information blockade, the least profitable even strengthen it, as the hours anti-Syrian forces can run any misinformation.

In addition, once with the Internet blockade in the United States was committed once pointedly aggressive towards Syria act. One of the hosting companies previously provided services to the Syrian news agency SANA, on the agency website has been available abroad. But in these days of it blocked the website, and now it is available only in Syria itself. But the voice of truth drown unrealistic, especially in the age of the web, and announcements about what is happening all the same punch for the road itself. It will be available and the website SANA — in a world of many friendly countries willing to provide assistance.
In particular, it is hot and warm feelings towards Syria, the countries of Latin America. In November, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad CAP visited several countries in the region and gave the message of President Bashar al-Assad. Countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, expressed solidarity with the management and the friendly people of the country, though being on another continent, but is a friend of all nations, and seeking to live free from the dictates of the U.S. and go their own method, and not imposed from outside .

And … Jaramana mourned their own sufferers. The town was accomplished ceremony for victims of the barbaric act of terrorism, in what was the role of relatives and friends of the victims, politicians, a lot of sympathizers.

Citizens, mourning the innocent blood spilled, sharply criticized the U.S. and sensual, France and other Western countries, and their puppets in the Middle East that support ferocious bandits morally and materially. So Makar, these countries are accomplices in the shedding of blood and killings of what innocent people. But, says the residents of Jaramana, no attacks can not break the will of the people and their patriotism.

The antagonism to those who concealed the slogans of "freedom" and "democracy", creating a creepy, bloody deeds — will continue to win.

A December 1 in Damascus occurred more one terrorist attack. In the district of Al-Al Barbarian also exploded a car bomb. Killed 3 people, two of them children. 35 injured … "Fight for Freedom" lasts.

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