Blue-green meteor streaked over Hungary and Poland

From Poland and Hungary reported the observation of a meteorite.

So gentleman — Lukas from Raciborz, Poland, described his observations on Nov. 29 17:50:00.

The phenomenon lasted 6 seconds. Ball of light moving from left to right in the direction of the south-west. The movement is not accompanied by sound. He was bright white, with some green and blue elements. It looked like the lights of the car from a distance of about 200 meters. 4.3 fragment fell on his flight. Moving rather slowly (although I've never seen a meteorite earlier). Its trajectory was very flat, almost horizontal. He flew for 6 seconds, and then suddenly disappeared (can be hid behind the clouds).



Meteorite over Hungary November 29, 2012 was classified as a fireball several local websites, there were about 15 people.

Fireball was seen in the central part of Hungary, and in the street, and was registered in Ocsa, Tokol, Oroshaza, Nyiregyhaza, Budapest, Jaszapati, Jaszbereny. All witnesses describe the division into 3-4 parts. Color is defined as a bright white (xenon), with some green and blue hues. The report states that the size of a car is the moon. Weather conditions at the time described as clear with a full moon. The most popular Hungarian news website also reported on the event. Video HERE.

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