Malaysia can acquire multi-role fighters Advanced Super Hornet, who own a 50% increase combat effectiveness than the F/A-18 Super Hornet, said the company now Boeing.

Significant increase in the combat potential of improved versions achieved by conformal fuel tanks that allow the aircraft to fly further and faster than navesnoymi TB (increased flight range of 260 miles), the modernized system EW and containers with internal placement of weapons that assigns stealth capabilities .

The Company believes that Malaysia can purchase serial fighters Block II Super Hornet, then if you want to bring them to the level of modernization of the Advanced Super Hornet from around only 10% surcharge. Malaysia plans to change the 18 MiG-29N and purchased three AWACS aircraft.

«Boeing» believes that the brand new stealth version of the «Super Hornet» may be ready for delivery as early as 2018, and exceed aircraft possible enemies until 2030 and beyond. Flight tests began on August 5 layout from the airfield the brewery in St. Louis (USA).

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