«Boeing» on the basis of JDAM and SDB will create a new anti-submarine weapon

New high-precision weapon «Boeing» will allow the U.S. Navy to change radically anti-submarine warfare, using technology never before used in anti-submarine weapons.

Due to recently acquired contract price 19.2 million bucks, «Boeing» will design and build high-rise antisubmarine weapon HAAWC (High Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Capability). Sictema will be based on proven designs guided munitions JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) and SDB (Small Diameter Bomb), that will allow to use it from a great height and distance.

«A new era in anti-submarine weapon systems is about to begin,» said James Dodd (James Dodd), vice-president of «Boeing» on missile systems and munitions. «The opportunity will allow the Navy to get HAAWC» hunters «for submarines without equal for themselves, compared with those that are on the current day.»

Adaptation of existing technologies JDAM and SDB will also reduce the risks and cost of development for the Navy.

«Providing Navy expanded abilities as quickly as possible is actually crucial for the protection of marine interests of the United States around the world,» said Scott Vuisthof (Scott Wuesthoff), director of «Boeing» Munitions direct blow.

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