«BOEING» with its «Silent Eagle’s» was eliminated from the South Korean TENDER

September 24 South Korea has decided to abandon the procurement of F-15 fighter Silent Eagle by Boeing in the amount of 7.7 billion U.S. dollars, which were previously recognized as the only remaining rival in the tender Air Force, and announced a new contest, reports Defense News. Expected that it is in this day F-15SE, which is only kept within the budget of the tender will be considered the winner.

60 new fighters to be purchased to substitute outdated fleet of combat aircraft F-4 and F-5. The competition was attended by South American company Boeing, Lockheed Martin (F-35) and European concern EADS (Typhoon).

Against the F-15 most of the members voted State Administration for arms purchases, deciding, apparently, that the aircraft does not meet modern requirements, particularly in light of the nuclear threat from North Korea.

In late August, 15 former senior managers South Korean Air Force signed a petition to stop offering «insane procedure» in favor of the F-15. Criticism was to ensure that the fighter does not have sufficient stealth capabilities as the F-35. The tender will be launched from the ground.

Typically, Air Force overwhelmingly equipped airplanes South American production, which is a reflection of a military alliance between the countries with 2. But EADS hopes increased when, in January the Italian company AgustaWestland left behind a South American company Sikorsky in the struggle for the supply of six helicopters for the Navy in the amount of $ 567 million to more expensive of success in the tender for the supply of fighter consortium of South Korea proposed an investment of $ 2 billion dollars in assisting the development of the state programmke fighter, if elected winner.

In turn, the company Lockheed Martin said it will support the efforts of South Korea in the development and production of military communications satellites.

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