Born twice …

October 15, 2012 1:00

Born twice ...

The great religions of the East — Buddhism and Hinduism — are taught that the death of man in the dust becomes a material substance — his body. The real content of human nature — the spirit, the soul — the sequence of transitions to new, successive body shell and lives every time a new life on earth, but in a way completely different person.
Such a transformation, rebirth of the soul in another body is called reincarnation and, from the point of view of the major religions of the law defining the destiny of man.

It believed celebrities

The belief in the existence of reincarnation expressed at different times, many celebrities. Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who lived in the VI century BC, said that in one of the churches have seen a shield with which the previous incarnation, being Evforbsom, fought during the Trojan War, 300 years ago.
Prominent German writer and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe argued that formerly lived at the turn I-II centuries BC. e., in the era of the Roman emperor Hadrian, and therefore it is so attractive to all ancient Roman.
"Born twice no more surprising than once: everything in nature is subject to the law of revival", — said the great French philosopher and educator Francois Marie Arouet, aka Voltaire. He was echoed by the great physicist, founder of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, "the idea of the eternal return, science can not lead is valid arguments."

Veterans of the war with the Indians

Many people under hypnosis go back to their previous incarnations, sometimes in very remote times.
The American parapsychologist and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce during hypnotic sessions described in detail the ancient civilization thrived in Peru before the era of the Incas. Later excavations have confirmed the existence of such a civilization. And during another conversation Casey told how once, during the war with the Indians, he was a young soldier sitting on the river bank.
Both wanted to have, but Casey was no food, and the soldier told him bread.
Some time after this session, to Casey, who was sitting in a barber shop in the city of Virginia Beach, suddenly ran over a boy of about five, and with a joyful smile climbed into his lap. The boy's father was surprised by his action and told him to leave someone else's uncle alone.
— But I know him, — protested the boy. — Once we sat together on the bank of the river, and we both wanted to have …
Past lives of children
In the 70 years of the twentieth century, the world had spread sensational 12-year-old Elena Markard from West Berlin, recovering after a serious injury, freely spoke in Italian, which did not know. In this case, the girl claimed that her name was Rosetta Kastelyani, she was born in Italy in 1887. When the girl took it to the specified address, the door opened daughter Rosetta, who died in 1917. Helen recognized her and said, "This is my daughter France!"
In 1926, the capital of India Delhi born girl — Shanti Devi. In three years, she began to talk about his past. She allegedly was born in 1902, lived in Mutt, and her name was Dugli. She was married to the merchant Kader Nath, gave birth to a son who died. When Shanti passed 10 years old, her parents learned that a man named Nat Kader does exist. He came to the family of Shanti with his cousin. Girls find both. Then it was taken to the Mutt. On the way, the behavior of the Shanti watched especially by the Commission. At the station, Shanti learned of another family member Kader Nat. She said that in her previous life somewhere in the house had hidden the money. The money is not found, but Shanti insisted. Finally, Kader Nath
remembered that he had found the money after the death of his wife and their perepryatat. But most others were surprised that Shanti, first went to another city for her, and spoke the local dialect.

Secrets of the subconscious adults

Otherwise behave adults in hypnosis. The head of the British Society hypnotherapeutic Dr. Bloxham during hypnotic sessions asking their patients to tell him about their past, including their previous life. He has recorded on tape more than 400 such stories. Bloxham emphasizes that his patients are not just remembered, but relive past events. However, they completely changed. Thus, a Graham Hasteybl, courteous and respectable gentleman, suddenly turned into a sailor-gunner, who served as the English frigate the Napoleonic wars. His voice became low and husky, there was a certain emphasis.
Talking, he put in his speech coarse invective, with its cover and then seizures severe coughing.
Hasteybl-gunner give such details of the lives and living conditions of seafarers of the time that modern humans are unknown. However, staff of the Maritime Museum in Greenwich confirmed their authenticity.

A newborn with a bullet in the chest

Sensational story, which confirmed the fact of reincarnation of evidence, occurred in France. In 1993, this was reported by many media outlets. Here is what the International scientific conference in Brussels on the famous French surgeon, pediatrician André Maine:
"In one American family in Paris premature baby born with abnormalities in the circulatory system. We found that congenital heart disease require surgery, but decided to wait until the baby typed weight and strength. The operation was done when he was six months. After opening the chest near the aorta found metal object.
How he got there, no one could understand. The subject of confiscated and handed over to the examination. Specialists have found that this is, without a doubt, a bullet fired from a musket 200 years ago, probably during the war of independence in America. Logically explain what happened is not possible. Our assumptions are purely metaphysical, paranormal nature, and present them at a scientific symposium would be inappropriate. "
This communication to the members of the French Society of parapsychologists. They stated that they were able to make contact with the spirit of 19 years of an American soldier who was killed in 1775 by a bullet that entered the chest, and that in 200 years the spirit of the young men had to be reborn in the body of the newborn.
Today, science is unable to explain the phenomenon of reincarnation based on the known laws of physics.

Important document

In October 1983, an English physician, Joe Keaton received a document confirming the reality of the phenomenon of reincarnation. It was a copy of the death of Ruben John Stafford, occurred April 2, 1879.
Ray Bryant — patient Keaton — is told under hypnosis some of their former lives. During one of the sessions, Bryant said he — Ruben Stafford, who was wounded during the Crimean War of 1853-1856, in which Britain was at war against Russia. In this case, Bryant are detailed medicines that have been used to treat it, "Flory girls" — nurses, working under the guidance of a nurse Florence Nightingale. Stafford and mentioned about the house in Preston in Lancashire.
And when he was under the influence of hypnosis Brian Stafford simulated death, her character exactly match what was written on the certificate. Unable to locate and track record of Stafford, also confirmed the accuracy of the stories Bryant.
Bryant himself commented on his amazing transformation as follows:
"I do not know whether I was now living on earth as Ray Bryant, once Reuben Stafford. But perhaps it is in me a particle. Perhaps the point is that human consciousness does not die with him. Some of it is to live. "

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