BPF Party declares unity

The leaders of the different communities BNF signed a statement in which they demonstrate "their unity and solidarity in the tests, which are to arise frontovskogo on our way," condemn "any attempt to split the party ranks both outside and inside."

"We regard as provocative attempts to discredit the governing bodies of the Party and to sabotage the party discipline and a fortiori use the services of repressive regime in order to satisfy their personal ambitions, "- says the statement.

"We consider it an act of political irresponsibility and infantilism reluctance of some distinguished members of the party to participate in a joint party work and their care in the foreign electoral projects, "- the document continues.

"We support the leadership of the BPF in his actions for the preparation of the BPF to participate in the main campaign in 2010 — presidential election. "

The statement "On party unity and loyalty to the values of the Belarusian Popular Front" signed by 68 activists BPF.

At the Diet of the BPF 12 June from the organization were excluded Franak Vyachorka, Andrew Krechko, Anton Koipish and Vladimir Maley. The wording — for "systematic actions that disgrace the honor and dignity of the members of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front."

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BNF split

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