Bridge Barton makes contact

October 14, 2012 4:56

"Barton Bridge" makes contact

Research voices from the other world by means of magnetic records turned 30. With mixed feelings, probably met this date in the afterlife Friedrich Jurgenson, founder of research, now called transcommunication.

For readers who are new to the information on the research of the other world, explaining that using a conventional tape recorder can be contacted with the dead. And not just a tape recorder. For example, the president of the Luxembourg group of researchers ITC Maggie Harsch-Fischbach, in April 1986, following the direction of "out there", obtained by radio, successfully used in their experiments an old TV that is connected to two radios. Thick, deep voice from the speaker identified himself as Konstantin Raudive. Conversations with him have turned into reports. But everything started with contacts synced computer "children's" voices: "Contact the radio bridge" — called himself a "technician." Fischbach couple initially thought it was a dead technician. However, it bore little resemblance to the human voice.

In late November 1987 off the computer suddenly betrayed spouses Fischbach mysterious text, which was signed by the name of Richard Francis Burton. A few weeks later with the old radio they have a dialogue with Friedrich Jurgenson. He said: "I had the opportunity to tell you that as long as the bridges between us and you are open, the connection is guaranteed. Threatened by the negative forces do not. We create a new bridge voice, to be named "Barton Bridge."

Portrait of Konstantin Raudive in life, he's in the photo on the right, obtained from the TV screen during a call.

Young bather Mary Jakubowski (picture shows spouses Jakubowski, who identified her dead daughter.)

In 1988 he became a regular get in touch late representative of the scientific world Sven Salter. She was named one of the leaders of the "flow of time" and saw his task with colleague Richard Burton in the preparation of future sessions ITC. Contacts from time to time led Konstantin Raudive.

Thus, the German researchers were able to make contact through the tape, phone, computer, television. By the way, it is an achievement, not only ours, but also scientists with "the world", which are used to connect your equipment. We want a responsible state that you can easily imagine the material world of spirits. And when we are on the "other world", will normally take it home, nature and other people. We can all feel, see, taste …

The spirit world at the third level

"A man after his physical death, continues to live on the third level," — said Frederick Myers in his "great message to the world"

We list our sources from the group "The flow of time":

"Technician" — a creature never lived. He, in collaboration with the Universal Mind overseeing contacts. ITC sees development as an initiative of the Higher power.

Dr. Sven Salter ITC researcher was in a parallel universe called "VARID." She lived in the material embodiment in 1949 — 1987 years. "Technician" gave her guidance experiment of "The flow of time." Until now, Sven was our best partner contacts because she knew all the dangers that await a person during the ITC.

Dr. Konstantin Raudive died in 1974. His "horse" — the choice of the ethical, moral and philosophical themes for contacts. He tries to explain the inner essence of the person.

Sir Richard Francis Burton — at one time was an explorer — explorer, discoverer of Lake Taganika. He lived from 1821 to 1891. In encyclopedias, he is referred to as the multi-talented man. In early 1988, he presented a deep, low voice, and reported on the "Barton Bridge", and urged us to never stop conversations. More often Burton speaks — in German, but with an English accent. He explores the neighborhood level three. In their descriptions of the beauty of the places Barton tries to adapt to our earthly concepts. Together with her friend Sven Barton discovered, to put it — the earthly, "The place of the transition to the fourth level of the light."

Other participants contact: Jane E., Vicki R. Healey Schaefer, Frank Blel, Edith Stein, Margaret Max, Andy and Mary Jakubowski, Mich Fischbach, J. P. Scherer and many others.

Fusion of knowledge, experience and the harmonious consent of these people are doing sessions with the world stunning in its content. "Barton Bridge" includes verbal contact with radios, computers, television, conversations on the phone. The present report is a compilation of information from the "Bridge Barton":

Man after his death continues to live on the third level, which is as real as the Earth. We, like you, have a body, but it is built on a basis which is subject to other natural and cosmic laws. Body, mutilated in the world, in our world again recovered. The blind receive their sight again. However, height, hair color and skin are the same as they were in life on Earth. Average age of 25 — 30 years. We live in a nicely furnished homes, many of which were built of logs. We have a lovely nature and temperature of the environment is very nice. People who have died in the world in old age, "wake up" here in full consciousness after restoring sleep. It lasts in the Earth's rate of about six weeks, some may be shorter. Children love being here take relatives who also care about them. Children grow and develop up to 25 — 30 years of age.

Personality and character of the people coming here do not change. They may continue their education. People whose opinions and views are the same, in groups and form a unity. Unity is the first step on the way to the fourth dimension.

We live here, along with other forms of life, with human-like creatures that lived in until his death on other planets, the dwarf giants, dwarves and incorporeal creatures. It contains about 60 billion humans on all worlds. Between us thrive friendship and partnership. At the same time, we can say that all of the physical problems and conflicts are resolved. Sexuality, by the way, does not deny, because it is characteristic of human nature. The main thing — the partners in harmony with each other and had a mutual attraction.

We eat and drink, as you do, but our food is produced synthetically, that is, we can materialize earthly food. Animals also continue to live on the third level after his earthly death. People take care of them. There is also unknown on Earth species, such as birds of paradise, colorful butterflies. In animals, this is the age in which they feel is best.

The third level is the planet we call Marduk. It is separated from the Earth in space and time and can not be found in the solar system. Marduk has three revolves around the Sun and the one and the other two covers. It is never dark. Has its own moon, which is more terrestrial. Planet crosses one big river of Eternity, which runs along its many turns.

After moving to the fourth dimension of man freed from the laws of reincarnation. In order to make this contact with you, we had to get closer to your world and to adapt to it. The members of the "flow of time" has come close to the borders of the higher level of consciousness. We got a glimpse of the fourth level of existence. Only the desire to complete the study on the ITC has helped us to escape and return to the third level. Our achievements can be useful.

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