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Believe in miracles all — children and adults who are experienced. Not only to the end of all adults admit it. Is it ever happened that you wake up in the morning with an amazing sense — Today there will be something quite extraordinary? And, in fact, happen! On this day, even the ordinary events that seemed to be full of amazing coincidences.

Miracles — is not only a chain of mysterious events that mysterious force comes over our gray days. Miracles are still handmade. And perhaps it is these miracles of your hands will remain in the memory of your baby for many years, perhaps for life, to give him the charge of optimism and happiness.

Dream Goes on bench

  • Maroussia, it's time to go to bed.
  • No-oo, Mommy! I have not finished (not to finish, not read, did not finish cartoon, unfinished house out of blocks — underline).
  • Marus, already quite late.
  • Well, Mom, please, a little more.
  • Are you at this time should already be in bed. Tomorrow in kindergarten!
  • I do not want, I'm still not tired!

Bickering going on for a long time. Finally, it dawns on me:

  • Lie down in the crib and wait when it comes Sleep. It will definitely bring you something.
  • And what's my dream? Tell!
  • Well, just to tell the dream to bed. She lay down? Now listen. He walks noiselessly and loves to the room was very, very quiet. He wears a long black cloak embroidered with stars and a high cap had sewn light gray veil. It it is about your face, and his eyes are closed by themselves. And when it closes, it will show you some new fairy tale. Sleep, my little girl!

But the most amazing thing happens in the morning. Under the pillow Maroussia is a small gift, neatly wrapped in a beautiful wrapping paper with stars and months. Most often it is something edible: a few nuts, prunes, a little dried apricots, raisins and candied fruit, some candied fruits that do not stain hands. Spank her bare feet down the hall, and now in her mouth baby sleeping parents carefully puts Magnifique Feast — shares the gift. Sometimes, on holidays, Sleep brings a small toy, wooden painted egg or a shiny new hair clip.

  • Mom, Son! Yes, I know, I saw how he touched me with his gray cloak, and from the basket he had the bell. I wonder how he figured out what I wanted this?

Sometimes the dream together with a gift leaves letters. First we read them aloud Maruse, then she began to read them myself — it's writing for her personally. Gradually, the Dream is tied lively correspondence. Here are selections from her.

"Son, why do you sometimes bring me bad dreams? I do not want to see those. Bring me some funny dreams. "

"You see, Maroussia, all sometimes get sick — and people and dreams. When I'm sick, you're not very funny dream dreams. "

"Son, I have a birthday tomorrow. You bring me anything? "

"Marusenka in your birthday I decided to give you something very, very unusual. For example, the sparkling stars that I see every day in the sky when it's time to deliver the children dreams. I touched his wand a few stars, they became small and fragile in appearance much like a cookie. Then I put them in a special blue bag and brought to you. Happy birthday, dear Maroussia! "

But here's the Marussia has already gone to school. Sometimes it seems to me that it was quite large and guesses about the origin of letters and gifts. Maybe it's time to bring this thing to nothing?

"Son, tell me and you're not going to bring more gifts on Sundays? I've already written two letters and a paper boat sent you, and you all do not. Maybe you are sick or e forgot? Now I will write to you again address. We are pancakes on Sundays. I'm sure you'll leave pancake, if not forget. And if you forget, you remind me. "

How can you resist? I had to sleep back.

"Dear Marusenka. The fact that I'm flying to the children in his magical hot air balloon. And the week before a strong north wind blew and blew my ball far, far to the north. So I had a long time to get to you. And all your letters and gifts I received, I brought their pigeons. On your boat I was even able to swim across the river, so that you helped me a lot. Thank you. "

And again in the morning is a little miracle.

  • Cheers, Mom! Dream come to me, and it helped my boat.

Joyful and clear tomorrow morning will be

Sleep — is generally a special case. The child does not want to go to bed more often for two reasons: he does not want to end the day and at the same time, he was very tired in the evening. Therefore, it is important to lie down to sleep on the ritual took place, at one and the same time: for example, the first baby bathing, drinking milk with honey, then listen her mother's story and falls asleep.

There is one more point. You may have noticed that sometimes a child quite like falling asleep, but suddenly come unstuck closed eyelids, as if forcing himself to wake up, and struggles to resist sleep. The fact is that up to a certain age every fall asleep for a child — it's a little "death", he is not afraid to wake up in the morning. And in this case, the expectation of a miracle morning calm baby will help him cope with night terrors.

If the crumb is afraid of some nocturnal creatures (Baba-Yaga, wolf, Barmaleev) lurking in the dark, you can make a special magic lamp or flashlight which chase away monsters, they even think to come to your baby. The lamp was unusual, it is possible to decorate with beautiful stickers with your favorite fairy tale characters or cut out paper stars. Such a simple way to give your child self-confidence and sense of security, because he has now appeared magical support!

I'm not a magician, I'm just learning

What gives a person a sense of wonder? Why do we as a child for so long believed in Santa Claus, goblins and a magician who will certainly arrive to us sometime in the blue helicopter?

Miracles enable us to not feel alone in the big world. And the world we see the kind and loving, not violent, not indifferent.

  • And anyway, there is no Santa Claus! A gift under the Christmas tree is put parents.
  • It's your parents put, and Santa Claus brings me. Here's a letter he wrote? And I said, beautiful, interesting, on silver paper. And his voice, like a silver bell …

(Children from accidentally overheard a conversation)

The persistence with which the children protect their right to miracle! Baby if you do not truly believe in Santa Claus himself, the joy that brings a new year. Even the most hardened skeptics, there is no doubt that belief in magic is vital to children. Without it there can be a child — bright, warm and cheerful.

You can imagine how one morning, just in front of your window suddenly appears amazing balloon in which the hidden candy and a small souvenir? Presented? And for that parents need only negotiate with the neighbors who live on the floor above, and the night before (when the child is asleep) mounted on their window for a solid string of a balloon. Usually neighbors willingly agree to participate in such miracles.

Or maybe your kid gift Blue Bird will bring happiness?

Or mouse-norushka? By the way, many European nations have a tradition: the precipitated milk teeth "give" the grateful mouse. To do this, they need to be put in a mouse or mink throw the stove and said, "Take, mouse, simple tooth, bring me the gold." And what do you think? After all, bring! Well, maybe not the gold tooth, but, in any case, a child's heart cute little thing — a toy, candy or coin.

And i
f you put a saucer under the table with milk, it is quite possible, would be a little shaggy Brownie, who, along with a gift to leave your baby and his portrait (you need to take a picture of a suitable toy from a friend or in a store).

Adults are distinguished from the children, the children quietly waiting for miracles, and adults … willing to do it themselves. Apparently, this is too adult for something you need. For example, in order to feel like a magician from a helicopter and see the blue eyes of his child, burning with happiness. How nice it is — to be a wizard!

However, becoming for a time in the wizard, try not to abuse their position for personal gain. There is always the temptation to use the "miraculous" letters to the authority and power of the seemingly innocent parent blackmail "if you will behave (obey mom and dad clean up their toys, do not forget to brush your teeth — the options are endless), then I'll get you what you want. " In this case, unfortunately, lost all sense of magic, which does not tolerate any conditions.

In any case and can not "punish" a magical gift — say, lazy kids who do not want to read and think nothing but "ABC" or a set of counting sticks, not to see. This gift will bring the kid only bitterness and disappointment. Imagine that the husband hands you a birthday or on New Year's welcome gift with enlightening words: "You, my dear, something lazy this year. Here's your broom, more you not yet earned. And if you try, you see, and anything else perepadet. "

"Magic," a gift — it is not an educational measure! It is an expression of your love and joy, confidence that your baby — The best simply because it is yours. And he did not need to try my best to win a gift.

Mysterious good magician brought him his gifts without demanding anything in return. The miracle is not subject to any cause-and-effect relationships, it is omnipotent.

Of course, one day my little girl would guess that our little miracles — man-made. What cookies baked in the form of stars at night mum, fabulous paper purchased at a nearby store, and a sparkling barrette is not made from a piece of a fallen star, and quite out of earth materials. Well, well, but someday it will have children of their own, and it will create new miracles for them.

Inessa Smyk

According to the magazine "Lisa. My Child"

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