British need for nuclear deterrence

British need for nuclear deterrence

Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain
would be left defenseless against the «very unpredictable and aggressive»
North Korean regime has been curtailed if programm nuclear deterrence
which are the main component of rocket «Trident».

Newspaper Daily Telegraph, Cameron said that nedavneshnie
North Korea’s actions, together with concern about Iran’s nuclear program there
mean, it would be «stupid» reconsider the question aside
cuts in funding programs from nuclear missile submarines.

«We need now to nuclear deterrence system because
we needed, when the preceding British Government has taken the first steps
in this direction more than six decades, reverse … more Russian Alliance
does not exist, but the nuclear threat is gone, «he wrote.

«Very unpredictable and brutal regime in North Korea
recently held its third nuclear test and the current time can be
pretty nuclear components to produce more than a dozen nuclear

Cameron has a limited batch of disagreements with their
junior coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, on programmke

Liberal Democrats wish that the British government gave
preference towards more deshevenky
candidates price of £ 20 billion, which is the substitution of submarines with missiles Trident, which is based on the life of 2020

Cameron supported the basic doctrine of England
based on the priority of the fleet of nuclear submarines, which the government
leads the country since the 1960s.

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