Brussels is preparing sanctions against Minsk?

An online edition of the Belgian Euobserver writes that EU diplomats in Minsk were forwarded to Brussels and a preliminary list of individuals and companies in Belarus, for which considers the possibility of economic sanctions.

Citing an unnamed diplomatic source, the publication reports that the list have been found, in particular, the State Concern "Belneftekhim", the group of companies "Triple" the company "Beltehespart" and JSC "Belaruskali".

"However, this is unlikely to cause damage to private capital, the president, who is rumored to be deposited in the Russian and Ukrainian banks and companies involved in the fish business, construction and real estate, as well as in offshore accounts in Russia and one of the EU countries — writes Euobserver .

"We need a serious intelligence operation to track down the money, and while no EU country is not prepared to allocate funds for this task" — quotes the edition of the anonymous source.

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