Case H. The investigation continues. The Case of the healer Ikotnitse (16/01/2013)

January 23, 2013 22:18

Every day in the studio talk show "The case H. The investigation is continuing," a new investigation! The strange, unexplained events and developments taking place in the real world with real people. Participants and witnesses of these events will be an addiction to interrogate two irreconcilable camps: the supporters of science and the supernatural approach.

The reason for the consideration of the case was the mysterious healer in the village of Malaya Serwa Perm, which is popularly called Ikotnitsey. Perm resident Valentina appealed to her to cure her only son, slain by an unknown ailment. As soon as they set foot on the threshold of the house Ikotnitsy as she did not speak with his voice. What is my strength helps her to heal people — a disease or magic? What a creature with a will of its own, settled in quack? What is the nature of this old magical technology?

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