Cassini has found Titans black cat




Radar yielded the most detailed images of Titan. "The Black Cat" — to the left (photo from

Cassini spacecraft transmitted to Earth a series of radar images of Titan's surface, many of which will make come true scholar of the puzzle.

The images were obtained during the flight of the unit at altitudes of 1.2-1.6 thousand kilometers above the surface of Saturn's moon. Resolution images — about 300 meters.

They show the complex topography, compiled, presumably, from the ice and hydrocarbons. Relief combines "rugged" terrain with flat sections.

Curiously, almost no visible impact craters. This suggests comparative geological youth of the surface of Titan.

In many places the visible bright meandering parts resembling a crack or a canyon, but they still did not give the scientists explain.

On radar images hit areas have not yet taken in the visible range. In the next fly-by near Titan will get more detailed information.

On one of the frames of radar detected a dark piece, with a diameter of the order of hundreds of kilometers, which resembles a cat.

This piece of terrain called the Si-Si the Cat. On behalf of the daughter of one of the team members Cassini, in fact, pointed out the similarity of "mystery spot" with the cat.

It is possible that "The Black Cat" — a liquid surface, experts say.


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