Charter-97 attacked for The Godfather 2

Attacked's "Charter 97". How to tell the resource editor Natalia Radin, problems with loading pages began immediately after the site was placed on the sequel, the investigation of the Russian channel NTV "The Godfather 2".

Today, the film will be shown in the "Accident" and 18:30, Minsk time. Thus there is no guarantee that, like July 4, during the broadcast of the first part, in Belarus, it is not "filter out". However, the "Godfather" has seen the residents of the Russian Far East, which made it possible to get ahead of possible steps Belarusian authorities.

According to Ms. Radin, the Belarusian authorities are so frightened by the contents of tapes, Now that overlap not only Russian TV channels, but also sites that are taken to eliminate the "information gap" with the audience.



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